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Power BI Analysis reports

Quickly make informed decisions with custom software backed by Power BI

In this era of Industrial automation, instruments engineering and equipment manufacturing companies are generating large volumes of data – related to machine condition, equipment health, production status, sensors, and data loggers. Such data has a greater potential to reveal insights, which would help in quick and fast decision-making. But how to unlock intelligence from real-time data?

There come the industry specialists who can help you with how of building intelligence. Backed by Microsoft Power BI knowhow, they help in gathering data from multiple sources, managing a single source of truth, analyzing real-time data, and deriving intelligence – all through a custom software built specific to your business needs.

Boost operational efficiency with Power BI dashboards

Understand data from live machines through interactive Power BI dashboards

Data visualization is the core benefit of Microsoft Power BI and is made more so by interactive dashboards built by Saviant’s team. Your dashboards provide a 360-degree view of what’s happening with your machines. Integrate custom Power BI dashboards seamlessly with your existing business application. Take guesswork off your table and make intelligent decisions with just one click away.

Our consulting team will help you realize the true value of Power BI, by bringing advanced analytics within your reach. Predicting machine failure, demand forecasting, operations excellence, and delivery logistics will be straightforward and quick. As a Microsoft Power BI Partner, our teams help you from data warehousing to advanced Analytics & business intelligence; enabling you to reveal unseen correlations presented in rich visuals and dashboards that support data-driven decisions.

Here’re few custom Power BI Solutions we delivered

Reducing penalties for Utilities

Forecasting Energy demands using Machine Learning & BI for a Utility

Using real-time and historical data with ML algorithms applied, a leading Energy company builds advanced analytics engine for wind power generation forecasting.

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Power BI reports for asset maintenance

Predictive Maintenance decreases costs and increases asset health

Global supplier of Instrumentation builds Power BI enabled automated fault diagnostics system to monitor the health of the equipment.

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Modernized solution

Smart Water Consumption Analytics of 500,000 meters

Leading American Independent AMR solutions provider builds Smart Water Meter Analytics & BI platform; for real-time & predictive insights

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