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Predictive analytics consulting for smart machine manufacturers

Design & build predictive analytics capabilities into industrial equipment to avoid downtime, improve productivity and quality 

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Trusted by 150+ industrial enterprises across US, Canada, UK, Australia & Germany

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Why do smart machine manufacturers need custom ML solutions?

Machine performance or condition monitoring solutions remain largely reactive in nature until you build in predictive capabilities that can help forecast failures, throughput, defects etc. This needs augmenting historical machine, process, and other environmental data, modeling with the right algorithms, deploying and tuning it to generate accurate predictions.

At Saviant, our machine learning consulting and implementation teams help smart instruments and machines manufacturers to build custom predictive analytics solutions, with real-time & historical data. Their solutions are equipped with predictive & AI capabilities, to enable fault-free operations for business continuity of their Enterprise clients.

For example, their predictive analytics solutions can now:

Predict events with more than 90% accuracy

through timely alerts and alarms across operations, thereby preventing downtime events or failures.

Perform root-cause analysis & detect anomalies

using the identified patterns and correlations from real-time & historical data of machine and operations.

Provide faster decision-making capabilities

by integrating predictive analytics solutions with customer’s real-time systems.

Enable intelligent insights on machine failure

as well as anomalies on the web and mobile apps to take corrective actions in real-time.

UK’s leading instruments engineering
company adds predictive analytics capabilities to its solution for faster intelligent decision-making

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Why smart instruments & machine manufacturers choose Saviant for their predictive analytics and ML solutions

Strong Technology Expertise

Successfully delivered 300 greenfield solutions around Data Engineering, IoT, Analytics & AI across the globe

Simple pricing engagement model

Fixed price approach with well-defined SoW based projects and milestone based payments

Agile & lean philosophy

12 weeks to MVP using accelerator based approach, ready-to-use IPs, and frameworks

How we work with you – our approach

Our predictive analytics consulting & implementation teams follow a particular approach to build custom solutions and help achieve your goals, which includes:

1. Assessment or RA
of your data

Assessing what’s the data you are capturing, existing data sources, your objective to build a predictive analytics solution, and determining what additional data is needed to create the use case.

2. Building machine learning models

Extracting, transforming, and labeling the required data. Shortlisting candidate ML models to build, test & evaluate them for feature engineering and hyper-parameter tuning.

3. Ongoing iterations and maintenance

Analyzing the results post-processing and comparing models’ behavior & hypothesis. Deploying Model as a Service and continually monitoring/retrain it to stay relevant and accurate.

4. Integration with the
rest of the system

Integrating the solution seamlessly with the existing system after the successful PoC implementation. Running it to check if the desired output has been achieved.

Awards & Industry Recognition

Saviant is one of the trusted predictive analytics consulting firms to deliver enterprise-grade solutions to customers worldwide. We help them with solutions around predictive maintenance, forecasting, and process optimizations using expertise in machine learning and analytics on Cloud platforms like Microsoft Azure.

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