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Anubhav Dwivedi

Anubhav Dwivedi 
Program Manager

Anubhav is passionate about building Organizations for future, working with CXOs to drive Digital Transformation. He is known for his acumen of identifying problems & outlining solutions.

He brings-in the right team - a combination of business understanding, solutioning and technology expertise - to solve your complex business challenges. Continue the conversation.

Page updated in Jan, 2021

Intelligent insights

Translate your data quickly into intelligent insights using Tableau

Data is generated everywhere from varied data sources at an exponentially increasing rate. But are you utilizing your data correctly? We can help you and your associations create a data-driven decision process. Develop a Data Analytics strategy and transform your data quickly into intelligent insights. With traditional old-school data solutions, you will face challenges integrating with different data sources and generating insights. End-to-end analytics platform like Tableau is the need of the hour.

With the secure and flexible Tableau platform, you can prepare your data for analysis and visualization. Whether your data is in the cloud or on-premises, Tableau can seamlessly integrate with your existing data infrastructure. Create dashboards, publish, share content, and collaborate with your teams. Enable quick, intelligent decision-making. Our Tableau consulting services help expedite implementation – from deployment, data preparation, analysis, and visualization to driving Enterprise transformation.

Tableau dashboards

Utilize interactive Tableau dashboards and improve operational efficiency

How do you enable your teams to work smarter and faster? Arm your team with data, which becomes their compelling partner to achieve goals. Equip them with personalized dashboards. Provide them with secure data access. Enable content sharing and collaboration within their team. All this can be made possible by building a seamless Tableau driven business intelligence solution.

Tableau also supports connections with many data sources, such as HADOOP, SAP, and DB Technologies, which improves data analytics quality and enables the creation of a unified, informative dashboard using many data sources. Our Tableau consultants create operations-specific dashboards and intuitive visualizations for your teams. Then you can enable your associates to understand large volumes of data in minutes and make intelligent decisions quickly to help them succeed in a data-driven world.

Building custom Tableau Solutions for your business

Tableau BI Strategy

Assessing your current position of BI maturity level is a must; before you jump into building high-performance Tableau solutions. Start defining the roadmap & implementation strategy that best suits your business needs.

Dashboard Designing

Transform your data in the form of a digestible format using well-defined KPIs. Apply design thinking to your dashboarding and create highly interactive reports and rich visuals for quick intelligent decision-making.

Tableau Tuning & Analysis

Improve your Tableau dashboard performance by assessing the system availability & response time. Minimizing data points, limiting the filters, or optimizing calculations are a few tips to increase performance.

Advanced Analytics

Take advantage of Tableau's flexible front-end & feature to tackle with common analytical challenges quickly. Build modern business intelligence solutions quickly using the platform that simplify their workflows.

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