The Challenges

With the strong vision to help the citizens of Canada and make this world a better place to live, the mobile app ideation triggered way back in 2015. The company started with the awareness program, and it researched, understood the problems of survivors from sexual assault, and then worked with supporters to find a solution; which would integrate all features needed to provide safety to the loved ones. The team was ready with the concept, list of features and created the wireframes to start with developing the mobile app.

The client needed an app that works as a monitoring service, which would allow people to track the location and safety status of their loved ones. If the loved one is in need of assistance, he/she can trigger an alert, where guardians would be notified via email, SMS, and app. Also, the GPS location would be sent to them, even if the victim cannot get to the phone.

Going through all the top mobile app development frameworks available in the market, the team narrowed down to Xamarin to build the app. They started looking for a Xamarin development company, as they wanted to get its community-based app right with all the required features. Due to proven expertise in developing robust mobile apps for various enterprises across US, UK, Canada, UAE and Australia, the client has chosen Saviant as their strategic Xamarin development partner.

Cross-platform Native Mobile Apps using Xamarin

Xamarin.Forms, AWS Cloud as mBaaS, MVVM Light Toolkit, SQLite DB, and Cloud Storage

Our strong expertise in developing best-in-class mobile apps using Xamarin helped Saviant team to build engaging, high-performance mobile app for our client. As Xamarin.Forms in conjunction with MVVM lite provides up to 90% of shared C# code across iOS & Android; our Xamarin consultants leveraged it to create a single re-usable code base to develop app quickly. Leveraging Xamarin framework, helped in overcoming the development challenges to include path-breaking app features; which included activating alerts at emergency or uncomfortable situations, adding guardians, notifications, Bluetooth settings, recording audio & video, and many other unique features.

Community-based Safety Xamarin app

Developing community-based Safety Xamarin app

AWS Mobile Backend as a Service (mBaaS) was leveraged to establish the communication between the mobile application and cloud. The backend services included file sharing and storage, push notifications, location services, running business logic, SMS service, and third-party plugins. mBaaS enabled the app to store the messages in the local SQLite database, when offline and push the data to cloud storage upon the availability of internet connection.

One of the main challenges was to integrate the Bluetooth functionality in order to trigger an alert to guardians. This was achieved using Bluetooth interface called Object-oriented protocol. Third-party plugins like Firebase messaging, Map box, Bugsee, and Facebook have been integrated with the app using respective APIs. Our Xamarin development team leveraged App Center to bring together multiple developer services into an integrated product. This helped build, test, distribute & monitor this mobile app, besides implementing push notifications. As Xamarin.Forms provides easy support to add-on new features across iOS, Android or Windows simultaneously, the client can further extend this AWS-based Xamarin mobile app to meet new requirements

Xamarin based B2C Mobile App Architecture diagram
Xamarin based B2C Mobile App Architecture diagram


Enabled protection of family

& friends from unsafe situations using path-breaking community-based safety mobile app.

Shared C# code of up to 90%

has been used across iOS & Android using Xamain.Forms in conjunction with MVVM lite.

AWS as powerful MBaaS

to run backend services including Bluetooth connectivity, offline data sync, SMS service, etc.

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