A Leading Gaming Machine Installer and Service provider mobilizes their 'machine takings' process with Cross-platform Native Xamarin Mobile application.


About the Client

Our Client is the premier service provider of various indoor gaming machines. They have enriched industrial knowledge and experience in providing the services. They also cater cutting-edge products and applications related to gaming machines for companies that have amusement and gaming as the core constituencies.

The Result

With our Xamarin based Mobile Solution, more than hundred field engineers can now collect takings from over 3000 gaming machines that are placed across 1000 gaming arcades and arenas. Azure driven Xamarin mobile app works in both online & offline modes and helped the client to synchronize real-time data and process over 10,000 collection updates per year.

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The Challenges

Modern indoor gaming machines placed at various gaming zones & amusement parks effectively help in revenue generation through pay-and-play model. These machines may accept paper currency (cash), coupons, or coins and provide access to the game. Our client installs these machines at various locations and collects the revenue generated by them on weekly or monthly basis.

Traditionally, branch collectors have to manually record machine takings information involving counting tokens, coupons, and currency. In addition, they have to manually calculate overheads and commissions for each machine and each location. However, centralized system that can track, monitor and manage revenue collection information in real-time was a huge miss out. Manual calculation was erroneous and often led to miscalculations and revenue loss.

To overcome these challenges, the client wanted to automate the revenue collection process. They wanted to replace the manual entry process with secure cloud enabled mobile solution. They needed a field-service app that computes and provides the total take-home machine earnings. It would help in maintaining the inventory database, scheduling and tracking the revenue collection. The collectors would access the required machinery information irrespective of the network availability.

Smart Gaming Collection Mobile Application

Xamarin, MVVM Light, Azure Mobile Apps Services, SQLite DB, Cloud Services, and Azure SQL DB

Saviant has devised an Azure based Smart Revenue Collection Application for Gaming machines. Our Xamarin developers leveraged Xamarin development framework to develop modern, effective and robust cross-platform mobile application. Xamarin.Forms with MVVM framework was leveraged to generate reusable code across Android and iOS platforms. The smart mobile app helps in collecting, recording and managing the takings of gaming machines placed at various amusement parks. It simplified the collection process, eliminating the manual data entry at client and customer location.

The branch collectors now perform the revenue collection activity using the mobile app. It stores the machine related information and generates the total take-home amount after calculating the overheads and commissions. The app communicates with Azure cloud to store and retrieve machine related data.

Azure Mobile Apps Services served as a Mobile backend as a service (MBaaS). This ensured the data synchronization functionality between mobile and cloud to work in offline as well online modes. The MBaaS system helped in facilitating the branch collectors to execute their task even in remote locations or minimum network areas. The offline functionality was achieved using SQLite to store data locally on a mobile platform. Azure SQL DB cloud storage allowed the application to store data storage of up to 250 GB. Cloud Services such as Service bus triggers messages to web APIs to push and retrieve customer related information.

The mobile app communicates with the on premise profile service for the authentication of the branch collectors. This service further communicates with the Master Database that holds the credentials. Further, Xamarin was used in facilitating the mobile app with Flurry Analytics to track the crash reports. With our Enterprise Mobility solution, the managers or branch collectors can now track the data related to 3000 gaming machines placed at 1000 gaming zones.

Smart Gaming collection Xamarin app architecture diagram

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