The Core Challenges

UK's leading Food service delivery and collection provider, our client, supplies food items across the UK to customers of varied business such as restaurants and cafes. It delivers high-quality food items to 30,000 plus customers. The company had two sales channels - website and call center through which customers order online and also request for delivery of food items. To make the business process more efficient and intelligent, client wanted to revamp the existing PDA based system and automate the delivery process; by taking a step further, where drivers could deliver through IoT-connected mobile devices mounted in trucks.

The company wanted a mobile application with offline functionality such that the driver could deliver food items even in remote areas with high network problems. It wanted to eliminate their process of collecting the amount by making manual adjustments in the customer invoice. In addition, automatic mobile app offline data synchronization should be possible whenever the mobile connects to any available network or on request to a cloud storage. The client’s focus was on performance optimization since drivers would be delivering food items at multiple places at the same time and that the data sync should occur simultaneously for multiple devices. It also needed the tracking of real-time temperature sensor data for every 10 seconds and its visual output for analytics.

Mushtaque Ahmed

Mushtaque Ahmed
COO | Food Service, UK

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"They have a very hands-on approach towards problem-solving. Saviant is run by a very young, dynamic group of entrepreneurs. Our biggest appreciation was how focused they are towards delivering the customer’s needs."

Building Xamarin Mobile App backed by Azure

Windows Phone 8.1, SQLite, Azure Mobile Services, Cloud Services, Cloud Storage, Event Hubs & Stream Analytics, Microsoft Power BI

Saviant team has devised a Field-Mobility solution that helped the client to offer differentiated food delivery service for its customers. Xamarin development platform was leveraged to build Windows Native Mobile application and Azure Mobile apps service was leveraged as mobile app backend to enable few application background tasks. The IoT sensors used in this solution are the BLE temperature sensors installed in trucks to capture freezer and chiller temperature of perishable food items.

Azure Mobile App Services

Enabling Offline Sync with Azure Mobile App Services

Our Mobile team developed the app that talks to IoT enabled devices continuously and runs the task routine to collect temperature readings & store them locally in SQLite DB for offline usage. It later pushes this data to Azure Event Hubs upon the availability of internet connection, thus enabling the data capture functionality in offline and online modes. In addition, the mobile app also allows the mobile field forces to communicate with Bluetooth printer and generate the invoice of the list of items delivered.

In this Field-mobility solution, communication takes place between 3 components – SQLite, Azure Mobile Apps Service and Microsoft Dynamics AX. The SQL Azure DB is used as a storage platform to provide the ability to scale up and down on demand, and efficiently synchronize the data from SQLite via AMS. Service Bus Queues were used to transmit messages to the Cloud Services.

Event Hubs captures the real-time data and works as an intermediate storage for logging this data. We also configured the output to be processed by Power BI for information visualization on Dashboard. With the solution, the client was able to monitor & manage real-time temperature of food items and deliver differentiated customer service experience.

Xamarin App backed by Azure Mobile App Services
Azure based Xamarin App architecture diagram

Customers’ orders are now being delivered efficiently by drivers using Xamarin & Azure Mobile App service based offline sync apps.


Achieved Customer delight

with efficient food delivery service to 30,000+ customers.

Azure as mBaaS

for offline data synchronization between Xamarin Windows app and Cloud.

Solution processes 1.5 Million

Mobile-transactions/month to handle with more than 60,000 orders/month.

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