The Challenges

One of the American fast-growing companies, our client, delivers expert services in Real Estate (RE) and Facilities Management (FM) systems. They provide break-through solutions that help in increasing the operational, environmental, financial, and performance aspects of Real Estate facilities. They serve private, public & government clients to help with adoption, implementation and maintenance of Facilities Management solutions.

The Company’s existing Facilities Management system helps in identifying underutilized facilities or workspaces. It helps in streamlining relocation processes through proper shifting plan and management. This system also helps in the delivery of facility maintenance services and managing service providers.

Typically, when a service request is raised, a facilities manager or supervisor approves the request through this system. Then the manager assigns these requests manually to the field service agents on a daily basis. These agents complete those assigned customer requests and update the status back the next day in the office location. The existing system lacked capabilities to remotely assign new service requests. For every new request, the manager had to wait for the technician to arrive, which in turn, led to constant delays.

The client wanted to streamline this entire process of managing mobile workforce and executing the service requests. They wanted an Enterprise Mobility Solution that would help the supervisor to assign the work order to field service agents in real-time. They needed the solution that would facilitate even the agents to check and update the status of the service requests in real-time.

Xamarin Forms based Native Android & iOS Mobile App

Xamarin developers addressed the client’s challenge of Work order Management of field-force using Xamarin Mobile App hosted on Azure. The mobile app allows the facilities manager to analyze, approve, and assign work orders to the field service agents. It enables to track the progress of the such service requests as well. The agents now receive the work order on their app, where they can also update the status of service requests in real-time. Thus, simplifying the process of managing facilities maintenance services and considerably improving the service quality delivered to end-customers with 100% retention.

Xamarin Forms based Native Android & iOS Mobile App

Developing the robust Xamarin App

Xamarin, MVVM Light, Azure Mobile Apps Services, SQLite DB, Azure SQL DB, Service Bus and Cloud Service

Xamarin development platform, Xamarin.Forms & MVVM framework, was leveraged to build iOS and Android apps. This framework helped in delivering an intuitive user interface and deploying mobile apps on multiple platforms simultaneously. In addition, it allowed 100% code reuse, faster time-to-market and in delivering the Enterprise Mobility Solution quickly.

Secure Mobile backend system was the major roadblock in the architecture. To achieve this, we devised a Mobile backend as a service (MBaaS) system based on Azure, which provided a secure and scalable backend system. Azure Mobile App Services, an MBaaS system, helped in establishing the real-time communication between the mobile app and Azure cloud. The offline functionality was achieved using SQLite to store data locally on a mobile platform. Azure SQL DB cloud storage allowed the application to store data of up to 250 GB. Service Bus Queues were used to transmit messages from the mobile app and the client’s server to the Cloud Services. Azure Web Jobs communicate with Azure SQL DB and client’s database to push data & messages and handles more than 10,000 messages per month.

Xamarin Native Mobile apps
Xamarin Forms Mobile app architecture diagram

Mobile field-service agents leverage Xamarin Native Mobile apps; to execute their work order efficiently and to ensure high quality customer service is delivered.


12,000 Large service requests/year

can be handled easily by the enhanced Facilities Management system & Xamarin Apps.

Offline sync Xamarin App

achieved using Azure & SQLite to operate even in remote locations and store data locally on mobile.

Ability to manage 10k messages/month

with Azure as a powerful backend system for Xamarin Android & iOS apps.

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