Systems integration and process automation for field engineering and maintenance services

Improving customer experience by integrating ERP, field services management software and automating resource allocation, estimations and responses to end customers via mobile application

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One of the largest Engineering groups, our client in Middle East, is a leading services provider for over 5 decades. The Engineeringservicesprovider offer asset maintenance & service contracts. Their partnerships with multinational organizations enable them to cater to wide range of engineering services to both corporate and residential customers.

The Challenges

Built on a traditional model - where the customer had to call the service center to place a service request - did have its limitations in terms of information outreach for our client. The Engineeringservicesprovider was struggling to demonstrate their existing services and communicate about latest offers in real time. There was lack of clarity and visibility of information to their customers having contracts.

Owing to the limited innovation in this space, data was managed manually on excel sheets and then loaded in SAP. This led to inaccuracies at each level - gathering, entering and evaluating data - as the process was vulnerable to human errors and time consuming. This inevitably gave the business less clarity over the operations. Accurate capturing of real time data is critical to making sound financial and managerial decisions and determine the best course of action.

The Solution

The Engineeringservicesprovider envisioned to build B2C mobile app as per the industry specific requirements. End customers can use a Xamarin based mobile app (iOS & Android compatible), which helps them to request, track and manage service-requests. They can also view and manage their contracts as well as personal information. Customers can securely pay via multiple options available and review all transactions.

The mobile app was developed using Xamarin Forms, which allows high code reusability. The app comprised of all features required to manage service requests from any location. Our Xamarin consultants leveraged Azure platform to gain high scalability & availability of systems during peak periods. Mobile app security capabilities have been added by implementing app authentication via Azure AD B2C. The Enterprise mobility solution also allowed to establish a two-way secure data communication with on-premise SAP systems, thereby, enabling hassle-free real-time communications. Mobile backend platform also provides failsafe integration with payment gateway and other applications.

Enterprise Mobility solution
Enterprise Mobility solution Architecture diagram

The Benefits

Engineeringservicesprovider reached out to new clientele with mobile app backed by latest technology. Now they can showcase their ever-expanding service offerings and convey valuable information to customers in real time. It helped them build a stronger brand and loyal customer base. Seamless integration with other applications helped in streamlining focus and saving in efforts and time. They successfully streamlined customer operations and backend support. Mobile application help open new avenues for business growth by optimizing their workforce.

Xamarin Forms & Azure based Mobile Application
Xamarin Forms & Azure based Mobile Application

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