The core Challenges

Large Facilities Management Company, our client, offers professional services to a largest retirement community in California, which features 12,736 homes and over 18,500 residents. It provides full-time staff of carpenters, plumbers, painters and gardeners, for maintenance and landscaping, allowing residents a relaxed and enjoyable stay.

The company’s existing system was a desktop-based work-order management system, which is integrated with Microsoft Dynamics AX, to track, assign and manage work orders. Fieldworkers receive manually prepared sheets describing the scope of work to be completed. Upon completion of every task, the sheet needs to be submitted to the helpdesk in order to close the assigned ticket and update the system. Usually, the resolution time to complete the service request ranges from 2 to 3 days.

Managing the work orders using their current desktop app was a drawback for the client. They were unable to establish real-time communication between the helpdesk and the field-force. Also, there was no visibility on workforce productivity, resulting in limitations while tracking and validating labor hours. Thereby, the client was looking for a solution that would streamline their work-order management process, enable real-time tracking of the service requests and increase productivity of field workers.

Developing Xamarin based Field Service App

Developing Xamarin based Field Service App

Xamarin.Android, MVVM Light, Azure Active Directory, App Services, Azure SQL, Blobs, And Table Storage

Our expertise in delivering field-service mobile apps helped devise an Enterprise Mobility solution as per the client's specific requirement. The solution comprised of a Xamarin based mobile app, which helps the fieldworkers to download all service-requests assigned to them for a specific day. They can update their work status after the completion of their work, even from a remote location.

The Native mobile app was built using Xamarin development framework, which allowed 80% code reusability. The app comprised of all features required to manage service requests from any location. Our Xamarin consultants leveraged Azure platform as the mobile backend system (MBaaS), to gain high scalability & availability of system during peak working hours. Mobile app security capabilities have been added by implementing app authentication via Azure AD Connect to on-premise AD. The Enterprise mobility solution also allowed to establish a two-way data communication, thereby, enabling hassle-free sync with the on-premise system for any real-time updates.

Xamarin based Digital Download Manager app architecture

Field-Technicians now use Xamarin based Field Service apps to execute their daily work orders; thereby eliminated paper-based work and improving productivity.


Increased customer satisfaction

due to Xamarin Apps leveraged by workforce to execute their work orders efficiently.

Decrease in resolution time

by 80% to fulfill customer service due to Xamarin based Field Service apps that automated the process.

25000+ Mobile requests/day

can be handled now due to Azure MBaaS; thereby accelerating workorder execution time.

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