The Core Challenges

Food service providers have large warehouses to store & manage huge number of food items. It becomes increasingly difficult for them to efficiently handle the warehouse operations. Likewise, with 16 warehouses & 4,500 products in place to manage, it is not an easy feat for our client to handle operations and serve its 30,000+ customers. Once any customer places an order, field force pick the food items from the warehouse. They dispatch them for delivery in the trucks. To carry out such pick-up and dispatch operations, Workforce uses a manual check list, which led to human errors and did not help to ensure accuracy in filling the customer orders.

Making sure that the right items are picked & right items are dispatched for delivery with zero errors was a major challenge for the client. Visibility of operations and synchronization of inventory & customer data with the ERP system in real-time was another major miss. Carrying-out cash calculations manually every day was also a challenging task for the dispatcher team. Automating this ever-challenging process of pick-up & dispatch operations was the only possible solution. However, to overcome all these impediments and establish an error-free automated process, the client needed a field-mobility solution and teamed up with a Premier Xamarin Consulting partner, Saviant.

Mushtaque Ahmed

Mushtaque Ahmed
COO | Food Service, UK

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"They have a very hands-on approach towards problem-solving. Saviant is run by a very young, dynamic group of entrepreneurs. Our biggest appreciation was how focused they are towards delivering the customer’s needs."

Xamarin based Field Mobility Solution

Field Mobility Solution - Intelligent Xamarin Warehouse Apps

Xamarin with MVVM framework, Azure as MBaaS, SQLite Services & Microsoft Dynamics AX

Using our Supply chain operations know-how, our Xamarin development team architected the Field mobility solution using Xamarin & Azure as MBaaS.

  • Picker & Dispatcher Mobile apps: Using Xamarin.Android with MVVM Light framework and best engineering principles, our team has devised the solution architecture. This helped optimize the CPU & RAM usage to enable continuous & effective run of mobile apps for more than 8 hrs/day. The app fetches data from SQLite database in real-time and displays the list of items that are to be picked & dispatched. These apps allow the warehouse workers to fulfill all customers orders quickly & intelligently. Thus, eliminates the manual checklist and initiating an automated operational process to ensure 100% accuracy while fulfilling orders.
  • Background Processes/mBaaS services: To enable real-time synchronization of data with the client’s ERP system- Microsoft Dynamics AX, our team integrated the Xamarin apps with SignalR Hub. This ensured that the available items are displayed, ordered items are rightly picked & dispatched. In addition, the billing summary gets updated in the ERP in real-time, allowing the customers & workforce to check the latest availability of items in real-time.
Xamarin based Field Mobility Solution architecture diagram
Xamarin based Field Mobility Solution architecture diagram

accuracy in customer order fulfillment is now made easy for the Warehouse workers, while executing pick-up & dispatch operations.


Xamarin based Field Mobility solution

to establish an error free, automated process for warehouse pick-up & dispatch operations.

Intelligent mobile apps

will enable the workers to achieve 100% accuracy in the customer order fulfillment.

Enabling better customer service

with right delivery of Food products to customers efficiently as per their orders.

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