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Building innovative AI solutions using Azure AI Services

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    Quickly modernize your business processes with built-in business logic, Azure Cognitive services, and task-specific AI.

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    Easily add AI capabilities – the ability to hear, see, speak, understand, and search - to your business apps and accelerate decision-making.

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    Build, train, and deploy machine learning models quickly using reproducible and automated ML workflows.

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  • AI

    Access large-scale AI infrastructure and AI hardware easily. Enable multi-cloud and hybrid deployments using Azure Arc-enabled Kubernetes.

Enabling business transformation with custom Azure AI solution

Premier Restoration company deploys drones for AI-driven Fault Identification in Buildings

The company wanted to enable its existing system with Artificial Intelligence capabilities, to speed up its restoration & preservation services. Our Azure AI consulting team built the solution that helped overcome the main challenges like :

  • Time-consuming and lengthy process to click pictures of multiple facets of building.
  • Identifying the construction faults with symptoms like spalls, cracks, biological growth, and deterioration and manually documenting them.
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We are a 100% Platform-based development (Azure PaaS) focused company.
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Industries we serve

Building mission-critical AI solutions that help reduce unexpected downtime, streamline operations throughout the supply chain, improve product forecasting and automate quality control.
Empowering Retailers in transforming their operations using Azure AI and enabling them to offer personalized customer recommendations and improve customer experience.
Using advanced capabilities like Azure machine learning and AI to build solutions, which transform their products, extend asset lifecycles, and improve decision making.
Creating AI-powered apps that deliver breakthrough customer experiences, enable predictive maintenance of assets, and streamline operations.
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Why Industry Leaders choose Saviant

Strong Microsoft Azure Platform Expertise
Successfully implemented 210+ Azure solutions for the clients across the globe
Simple Pricing Model
Well-defined SoW based projects with fixed price approach and milestone based payments
Agile & Lean Philosophy
12 weeks to MVP with ready-to-use frameworks & IPs and accelerator based approach

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Frequently Asked Questions

We care about solving big business problems, the more complex the better! Especially, the business growth & operational efficiency related challenges faced by certain Industries across the globe.

The size of the project wouldn’t matter, if we find each other like-minded. We would love to hear from you.

And yes, we have done consulting projects of all sizes - $5k, $50k or $500k. And a lot of the smaller consulting projects have created some of the biggest & boldest impacts on our clients’ businesses. Read more success stories

Our processes & systems are designed to collaboratively work with the in-house teams & other vendors-teams of our customers. When co-developing the solutions, our teams are designed to mirror the processes followed by existing teams, be it Scrum-based Agile, Agile XP, CI-CD, DevOps, Security Audits, or anything else.

We carry, at all times, the Omissions & Errors insurance; plus the Professional Liability Insurance. And for any specific requirements, we work with our customers’ legal teams to ensure all required details are in place.

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