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Fast-growing companies are always at the forefront of cutting-edge technology adoption. Be it to drive innovation, upgrade existing product, explore new markets, or generate new revenue streams. And, these key initiatives demand robust solutions that offer high scalability, security, availability, and performance capabilities. However, the front-end development of such robust solutions is a critical challenge.

Our team of Angular developers are helping such companies simplify the development & deployment of enterprise-scale solutions. We bring-in extensive expertise in leveraging cloud services, programming models, data services, DevOps tools, app services, and support for open source technologies.

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Automated system to upload utility data

Automated system to upload utility data & generate accurate invoices

Australian Energy consulting company addresses its challenge to untap opportunities for Utility procurement using Web app built on Azure.

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Azure for Fleet Management

Premier Logistics services company adopts Azure for Fleet Management

With the solution, the company unlocks insights into smart vehicle tracking, driver behavior monitoring & predictive asset maintenance.

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custom Azure solution

Reducing operational costs & gaining new customers

Global supplier of Medical instruments handles disaster recovery, data storage & scalability challenges with custom Azure solution.

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