Healthcare Tech-Company goes Digital using AWS,
aims for 100% contact-less operations

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The adoption of technology is taking all sectors by storm, including the Healthcare sector. We can see that the healthcare industry is taking the co-pilot seat in driving drastic changes giving birth to innovations. Also, the Techno-medical companies are hitting the wall street with a billion opportunities in human and animal healthcare.

Healthcare providers, animal health agencies, veterinarians, distributors, and producers are moving in the direction of robust customer-centric solutions. The technology space is dynamic, and it’s changing the way Animal healthcare management used to be.

A leading healthcare tech-company, our client, is dedicated to developing and offering animal healthcare management software; around disease surveillance, remote diagnostic, health documentation, and vet client-patient relationship management solutions. The company builds custom business apps as well as field-work optimization software focused on regulation, biosecurity, and other compliances.

Challenges & Opportunities

The company's existing platform helps in rapid development and deployment of cloud-based apps for customers. But the company was facing intermittent issues - including real-time data sync between the legacy database of customers and applications cloud database. Manual intervention, few missing processes, and other data sync challenges were inevitable for customers. The platform also lacked automated data processing capability, with scalability being one of the major concerns.

Automation of the process was indeed the need of the hour. It would help to make sure the customers are - getting real-time access to all their records, act upon decision-making related to compliances, memberships, subscription, event organizing, etc.

Solution Approach

An enhanced AWS Cloud-native solution was developed, which consisted of advancements in the existing features and the addition of new ones. The new features included the subscription renewal for existing members as well as event organizing, which became automated. Ownership transfer helped in the faster buying and selling process of animals, especially horses.

Being a trusted technology partner of APHA, the healthcare tech-company acts as an enabler for APHA to realize its vision - Consolidate the world horse industry. The platform helped APHA to go digital in their daily operations, be the spearhead in member care, and act as the first level of support.

The platform allows revenue to flow through it, allowing APHA to focus on its core competencies.

For APHA, this platform facilitates scalable & automated form processing, data sync between legacy DB & cloud DB, batch job scheduling for membership renewals, and notifications. The enhanced platform also helps businesses in the automation of daily operations.

The AWS Cloud-native solution, built by our AWS consulting team, became the primary regulatory software - helping to generate more revenue with automation, faster processing time, and minimal efforts. Customers leverage this platform to transform their business processes digitally with custom coded business logic.


The idea of digitally transforming the daily processes helped in faster and simple renewals of existing members. Also, the event organizing became way easier & quick for healthcare providers and subscribers with no manual labor.

Also, this platform has become their primary regulatory software solution, the one-stop solution providing access to all regulatory aspects for animal health agencies, veterinarians, distributors, and producers.

With a quick go-to-market approach satisfying customer needs, this AWS solution provides faster ownership transfer. Also, the buying and selling of horses are now easy than earlier - proving faster turnaround in terms of money as well as time for clients & customers.

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