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Developing business-critical Cloud-native SaaS applications using AWS PaaS

Many of the fast-growing & innovative companies have already started adopting AWS to drive their business-critical initiatives. Building scalable & high-performant Enterprise applications that power Data Analytics, Enterprise Mobility, and IoT solutions are their new focus areas. Also, they are looking to migrate or modernize traditional applications with cloud to adopt scalability, reliability & provisioning capabilities.

We are helping such companies build cloud-native applications using AWS platform; by defining implementation strategy. Our AWS development team in creating such robust applications leveraging best practices, code frameworks, design patterns and methodology. They bring-in wide range of skills & expertise to leverage 165 services spanning across storage, computing, database, networking, analytics, and developer tools.

Creating powerful Mobile app backend using AWS platform

For any mobile app development, you would choose and leverage a platform amongst React Native, Flutter, and Xamarin. But what is equally critical is the backend development of mobile apps. Your Mobile app needs to support core features like seamless data connectivity, remote data accessibility, secure user authentication, and offline functionality to name a few.

While you stay focused on your business expansion, let our AWS development team that comprises of AWS developers and Mobile experts handle your Mobility initiative. With your iOS & Android apps running in the cloud – using AWS services like AWS Elastic Beanstalk, Amplify, AppSync, Amazon API Gateway, AWS Device Farm and Amazon Pinpoint; you can enjoy security, scalability, auto-provisioning & high-performance capabilities.

Here're few custom AWS solutions we delivered

Healthcare AWS solution

Healthcare Tech-Company goes Digital using Custom AWS solution

The company needed to automate existing AWS solution to eliminate manual dependencies and thereby enhance it with new features.

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Cloud-native solution

American Manufacturing Leader utilizes AWS for high-end IIoT platform

The Custom AWS-based IIoT platform supports a robust data management system architecture; handling data coming-in from 3000+ end-devices.

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AWS IoT platform

Building Connected Enterprises using AWS IoT platform

Connecting the assets and remotely monitoring them using cloud; to store & derive meaningful insights has now become simple using AWS IoT.

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