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Azure HDInsight and Data Lake Storage

Crunch Big Data on cloud with Azure HDInsight and Data Lake Storage

Azure HDInsight is a cloud-based distribution of Apache Hadoop. It handles vast amounts of unstructured or semi-structured data from IT assets. It provides on-demand scalability and includes programming extensions for handling Hadoop jobs using popular languages. HDInsight allows deployment of projects using Spark, Kafka, and Hadoop. It includes Apache HBase for NoSQL data transactions, Apache Storm for stream analytics, and Apache Spark for large-scale data analytics.

HDInsight handles petabytes of structured and unstructured data without any hardware or installation cost. It allows selection of Windows or Linux clusters for deploying Big Data solutions to cloud. Our Data Analytics consultants are leveraging it to create Hadoop clusters on cloud. Also, leveraging Power BI tool to provide rich data visuals and dashboards.

Azure Machine Learning

Implement powerful Cloud-based Analytics with Azure Machine Learning

Azure Machine Learning enables transformation of data into intelligence. It allows to build and deploy ML models quickly, using tools that serve your purpose. It lets you to select specific algorithm, develop model quickly and extends support to open-source frameworks and tools, such as PyTorch, ONNX, Python, TensorFlow, and scikit-learn. Additionally, Azure ML backs MLOps to streamline end-to-end ML lifecycle to innovate faster.

Enterprises are leveraging Azure Machine Learning for building, deploying, and sharing flexible machine learning solutions. It is being used to build innovative machine learning solutions capable of crunching the ever-increasing data volume. We are tailoring ML models to suit specific business needs by roping in Python, R or any of Microsoft's proven algorithms, and are deploying models as fully managed web services.

Azure Stream Analytics

Leverage Azure Stream Analytics for processing real-time data streams on Cloud

Azure Stream Analytics allows ingestion of real-time events from millions of data streams every second. It helps in performing real-time analytics with high reliability on the data from IoT assets. Building real-time dashboards, setting-up alerts, and implementing machine learning on multiple data streams for gaining invaluable insights is possible with Stream Analytics.

Stream Analytics facilitates enterprises in ingesting and processing multiple events, comparing data streams, detecting anomalies, obtaining dashboard-views, and triggering condition-specific alerts, all in real time. Our Data Analytics consultants are leveraging it to provide enterprises with real-time insights from their devices and application data.

Azure Data Factory

Symphonize data collection and transformation with Azure Data Factory

Azure Data Factory is an on-cloud data integration service. It automatically establishes coordination among the services that collect raw data from various on-premises and cloud-based data sources. It enables creating, scheduling and managing data pipelines, along with monitoring the health of pipeline networks. It provides rich visualization features, pipeline lineages and interdependencies.

Data pipelines are created which transform raw data for consumption by BI tools, like Power BI and applications. Using it, our data architects enable enterprises to monitor and manage their network of data pipelines automatically; for problem detection, rectification and acquiring intelligence.

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