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Page updated in Nov, 2020

Easily build your custom Cloud-native applications

Many businesses are shifting from traditional way of operating with IT resources to Cloud computing for reasons like - Performance, Cost, Global scale, Reliability, Productivity, Security, or Speed. And, Microsoft Azure Cloud makes it simpler for you to adopt, develop, manage and deploy such cloud-native applications to achieve your business goals. With approaches like Kubernetes, API-driven communication, containers, DevOps, and microservices architecture, developing your innovation is a way much faster on Azure .

With freedom to choose preferred languages, infrastructure, and frameworks, get your cloud apps for web, mobile & API developed rapidly. Our Azure development team is helping such businesses in quick building of Azure solutions, with a well-defined unique cloud strategy in place.

Know how these leaders are changing their business stories!

Leading Australian Energy consulting company

Client Location: Sydney | Emp. Size: 100+ | Founded: 1984

To help its customers procure the best Utility, the company was facing multiple challenges. Discrete data sources, macros, spreadsheets & excel sheet-based operations were creating chaos. To overcome such impediments, we developed a Web application using Azure PaaS, C#, ASP.NET & Visual Studio. Thereby, automating the entire process of uploading data to invoice management.

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Re-Engineering Existing Applications

World-class Smart Infrastructure Solutions provider for Utilities

Client Location: Missouri | Emp. Size: 100+ | Founded: 1972

With the existing legacy system, this company was facing challenges to integrate modern functionalities – which would allow critical insights into smart grid quality, load control & distribution. Re-engineering the system was the only way out. Using Azure platform, our consultants built the modernized solution that enabled Utilities with real-time visibility over their distribution network.

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Premier Payment Gateway platform provider

Client Location: USA | Emp. Size: 100+ | Founded: 1962

To offer a more advanced and secure payment platform to its customers, this company wanted to revamp its 13-year old legacy system. Using Azure IaaS approach, our team has migrated the solution that supports latest security needs and runs on Windows 2003 32-bit OS server Web & Microsoft SQL server 2005 Database servers. Thereby, this company reduced the infrastructure overhead costs by 75%.

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Largest American Instrumentation leader

Client Location: Norwalk | Emp. Size: 700+ | Founded: 1962

To monitor the Industrial IoT assets in real-time and take intelligent actions, this company was facing huge challenges. A custom IoT application for web & mobile would solve the problems. For this, our teams developed an IoT application using Azure PaaS, which provides real-time visibility over 3000+ connected end-devices and stores 1 Mn+ data records/year.

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World-class supplier of Smart Meters

Client Location: Colorado | Emp. Size: 50+ | Founded: 1999

This company faced a stupendous task to derive real-time insights from a large collection of smart meter data. To analyze millions of data records and generate consumption insights around 500,000 smart meters, it required a robust data platform & analytics solution. Our team leveraged Azure PaaS to build such scalable & secure solution that also improved the meter battery life by 50%.

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  • Accelerator based approach, ready-to-use IPs & Development Frameworks

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