Azure Data Management Platform | Renewable Energy Case Study

World’s leading Renewable Energy Solutions provider unlocks data to power intelligent actions using Azure-based Data Management platform

About the Client

Our client is one of the world’s leading renewable energy solutions provider. It has provided solutions of installed capacity of more than 17,000 MW worldwide. Founded in 1995, the client operates from 18 countries across 6 continents with a support network of around 8500 employees. It delivers best-in-class products and services, providing end-to-end solutions around wind energy projects. The company’s vision is to enable sustainable economic, social and ecological development to power a greener tomorrow.

The Result

Azure based robust, scalable data management platform helps the client manage and streamline their wind farm operations efficiently, thereby enabling quick & intelligent actions to minimize asset failures and prevent operational errors in future. The platform handles any kind of structured and unstructured data, allowing faster storage, retrieval and data representation.

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The Challenges

Wind Farms generate humongous volumes of structured and unstructured WTG data, which is stored in various systems such as SCADA, SAP, File System, etc., For instance, SCADA data provides parameters such as condition, health, controlling, and performance of each turbine. These parameters obtained from SCADA data helps in understanding power output, operational performance, health and maintenance condition of each turbine. Depending on such variety of parameters, WTG can raise an alarm in case of any error, which includes mechanical part failure, generator malfunction, gear box failure, etc.

Upon receiving an alarm, the Wind farm operations team needs to fetch data related to faulty Wind turbine, location, material stock availability, relevant technical repair instructions etc., to understand and address the error immediately. As the information is stored in multiple systems, it was difficult for the site engineer to fetch and act instantly. Also, to collect and verify the ‘Preventive Maintenance’ & ‘Non-Compliance’ reports involved high latency, huge time and efforts.

Due to unavailability of meaningful & intelligent data instantly, the decision to mitigate the risk after receiving a warning sometimes went haywire. To invest efforts in gathering the unstructured & structured data, organizing it and then utilizing it to support the decision science was a big problem. Thus, the client wanted an intelligent, high-performance data management platform that would allow storing and ingestion of different kinds of data i.e., structured and unstructured data. The platform would help site engineers in faster decision making through data driven intelligence. It would equip site engineers with data intelligence of multidimensional insights in a single unified dashboard view.

Big Data Management & Business Intelligence Solution

Azure Data Lake Store, Azure Storage & Processing tools, Azure Stream Analytics, Azure SQL, and Azure Web Apps

Our Energy & Utility industry expertise helped create a scalable & robust data platform that powers intelligent actions. Using pivotal Microsoft technology, Azure PaaS, our Azure Analytics consulting team at Saviant has architected a strong database schema to store the growing volume and variety of WTG data.

Azure Data Lake Store was leveraged to store structured or unstructured data such as SQL, NoSQL, Images, Videos, and Documents. Due to this powerful architectural approach, the client can store any kind & any type of data including massive datasets like genomic & seismic datasets, high-resolution video, medical data, and documents. Azure Storage & Processing tools like Azure functions, stream Analytics and Apps Service, helped extract intelligence quickly for immediate actions related to Wind Turbine Generators.

Azure Web Apps was leveraged for the responsive MVC web portal development, where site engineers can log in and view WT details. These include last 24hrs Alarm & Warning Status from SCADA system, Material Status from SAP system, relevant Technical Repair Instructions docs from File system and previous Preventive Maintenance (PM) & Non-compliance (NC) report status with photographs from SAP. Upon occurrence of any event, site engineers can fetch ‘PM NC Reports’, ‘WTG Photographs’, ‘Technical Repair Instructions’ using intelligent data platform and check the availability of necessary material needed. This data driven intelligence in the form of Analytical dashboard helps engineers take necessary corrective actions related to Wind Turbine. This Azure solution delivered to the client stands as a proof of concept, that any kind & any type of petabytes of data can be managed for faster data intelligence.

Business intelligence solution with Azure data lake

A Glimpse of the Web Application

Food services data analytics Power BI Dashboard

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