PaymentGatewayCo adopts Azure Cloud to secure its payment platform and improve system performance

  • 99.95% Uptime
  • 75% Infra-Cost Savings
  • 35% Increased Computing Power

About the Client

Our Client is a provider of payment gateway services that allows virtual swiping of credit cards securely. They offer online payment processing services for various merchants and suppliers worldwide. Our client focuses on cutting edge innovative developments, and this secure payment platform relies heavily on technology. They are committed to help their partners and customers improve their own businesses.

The Result

Migrating the client’s Legacy system to Azure resulted in 99.95% on-demand available modernized system, that is scalable and supports zero data loss & zero downtime. Azure IaaS Migration strategy also reduced their infrastructure overhead costs by 75% as compared to the on premise infrastructure upgrade.

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The Challenges

Many enterprises, merchants and suppliers access the client’s web application to perform online credit card payments from around the world. It handles processing, verification and reporting of payment tasks efficiently and securely. The deployment setup and architecture of the existing application was built using classic ASP. It was hosted on a single instance Windows 2003 32-bit OS server and was not PCI compliant. The system used a standard Microsoft SQL server 2005 database for storage and no documentation was available regarding the DLLs used.

The legacy system lacked the capability to scale on-demand and control system downtime. It was not supporting the latest security and high capacity infrastructure standards as the system had not been upgraded for 15+ years. Therefore, the client aimed at transitioning their legacy system to Azure via IaaS platform. They wanted to revamp the system in order to offer a more advanced and secure payment platform to their customers. The other key reasons that strengthened their decision to choose IaaS migration via Azure was to reduce maintenance requirements, maximize performance, minimize costs, achieve zero downtime and zero data loss.

The Azure Migration of the Payment Gateway Solution

Microsoft Azure IaaS, Azure Virtual Network, Azure DNS, Azure Backup Service, Azure Storage

Saviant conducted a detailed study which focussed on understanding the legacy system architecture and deployment setup. The study helped in abstracting the complexity of the existing system and in re-engineering the system architecture that is compatible with cloud infrastructure. Azure IaaS platform is cost-effective & flexible and delivers resilience, performance, and security required to host applications. Deploying the legacy system using Azure IaaS platform reduces the required physical infrastructure and provides zero downtime.

The existing system lacked the capability to cope, perform and handle increased workload. This challenge was achieved by reconfiguring the Web and Database servers that were handling the legacy system. Our Azure migration experts have devised a modern architecture with server and database systems as separated entities. They introduced a pair of availability sets that consisted of two VMs each. First availability set included a pair of Web Server VMs that act as Load Balance system to balance the incoming load between the two cloud VMs. The second availability set consisted of 2 SQL VMs, the database VM1 and a mirrored database of VM1. This database pattern with 2008 R2 SQL VMS served to achieve highly redundant, zero data loss system. The two availability sets ensured to provide 99.95% on-demand availability of the system. Thus, supporting scalability and zero downtime for the modern architected system through this migration process. Few other Azure migration challenges went in discovering and understanding the DLL dependencies, establishing the Azure Virtual Network, setting up Azure Backup Service, that were used in the existing system.

The existing payment processing application was not PCI compliant for database security. As Azure is one of the few cloud platforms that is PCI compliant, it was easy to overcome this challenge. Using simple Azure Back-up solution, we have backed-up the VM databases in the other data centre at different location and achieved 35% increased computing power. Azure IaaS platform and Saviant’s migration strategy helped in the smooth transitioning of the existing legacy system to Azure. With the migration solution, the client was able to reduce on-premise infrastructure costs overhead by more than 75% with zero maintenance costs overhead.

Payment Gateway Azure migration solution

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