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Connect, Monitor, and Control your IoT assets using managed & platform services of Azure IoT

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IoT Hub

Connect and monitor billions of IoT assets easily. Establish reliable and secure two-way communication between your devices and IoT application. With its built-in capabilities, extend your IoT solution effortlessly from the cloud to the edge.

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IoT Apps for Web & Mobile

Create & deploy powerful IoT Applications rapidly. Build Human-Mobile interfaces easily. Achieve complete visibility into the condition of your IoT assets. View asset performance using dashboards for intelligent decisions quickly.

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Azure Stream Analytics

Connect Azure IoT Hub with Azure Stream Analytics to analyze streaming IoT data. Integrate disparate data sources and run workloads with sub-second latencies. Unlock insights proactively from the data and experience analytics from the cloud to the edge.

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Machine Learning & AI

Add ML & AI capabilities to your IoT solution. Rapidly create ML models for regression, classification, or forecasting; and enable advanced scenarios like anomaly detection. Set-up alerts & notifications engine to predict asset failures before they happen.

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See how our clients are doing great things using Azure IoT

  • Client Location Norwalk
  • Emp. Size700+
  • Founded1962

An American instrumentation giant builds high-end IIoT platform using Azure IoT

  • The company's Enterprise Gateway (a tool to process surveillance with 24/7 Data Logging and Monitoring) connects instruments installed across the manufacturing facilities to an on-premise server.
  • Main challenges with the EG tool included device communication, scalability to on-board more devices, security, and data management.
  • To overcome all these impediments, our team developed a secure, reliable, and scalable Industrial IoT platform using Microsoft Azure IoT. This platform can scale-up to connect 100+ EGs to the Cloud.
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Industrial IoT platform
  • Client Location Missouri
  • Emp. Size50+
  • Founded2015

American Manufacturing company makes its Cryogenic Freezers smart & connected

  • With the expertise in building Cryogenic Refrigeration enclosures controlled via PLC based systems, the company was looking for a Digital transformation partner to make their cryogenic freezers smart & connected.
  • Saviant team designed and developed a Microsoft Azure IoT based cloud-native solution, which is highly scalable and highly secured.
  • With two interfaces for the freezers - HMI, and the Cloud-based Web App, its customers and service teams now have complete visibility into the health and condition of their product.
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Azure IoT platform
  • Client Location Surrey
  • Emp. Size10,000+
  • Founded1915

Leading supplier of instrumentation and controls reduces time & risk of asset repair

  • Few challenges affected the operations of the company - which included manual and time-consuming fault detection, unpredictable lead time of Repair, roadblocks to Machine learning, and trouble to scale up the system.
  • A unified view of assets' health data was a major miss, which would speed up the decision-making process, and improve asset maintenance cycles.
  • Our team developed an IIoT based automated fault detection system using Azure IoT. This helped replace the age-old 'if-then rules' method of fault diagnosis with machine learning models.
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Predictive Asset Maintenance
  • Client Location California
  • Emp. Size50+
  • Founded2010

Premier OEM goes cutting-edge with IoT powered Smart Home Automation solution

  • The company offers Energy Management products such as Smart Wall Plug and Smart Surge Protector (that connect smart home devices) controlled using a VM-based backend platform.
  • Scalability, device compatibility, security, system availability, reliability, and data management were critical issues with this backend system.
  • To smartly address all such challenges, our consulting team devised a cloud-native backend architecture using managed and platform services of Azure IoT - like IoT Hub, App Service, Table Storage, and Web app.
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Azure IoT powered Smart Home Automation solution

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Frequently Asked Questions

Azure Stream Analytics processes data in real-time using a SQL-like query language and integrates seamlessly with Azure IoT Hub. It handles high-frequency data with sub-second latency, providing immediate insights and enabling quick decision-making.

Azure Machine Learning and Cognitive Services can be integrated into IoT solutions to perform advanced analytics such as anomaly detection and predictive maintenance. IoT Edge allows these ML models to be deployed on edge devices, enabling real-time inferencing and reduced latency.

Microsoft Azure IoT ensures security through multiple layers, including device authentication with X.509 certificates or symmetric keys, TLS encryption for data in transit, and role-based access control (RBAC). Continuous monitoring with Azure Security Center provides ongoing threat detection and response.

Majority of our successful implementations have come with customers in industries like Equipment Manufacturing, Renewable Energy, Power & Utilities, Oil & Gas, Logistics & Transportation, and Process manufacturing. These implementations have been across the US, Canada, UK, Australia, UAE and APAC.

The biggest business benefits in these implementations have been where CXOs, VPs and Directors – across Operations, Finance and Technology – have been directly involved in Roadmap creation & Execution planning.

We assess the size of each project based on its impact on our client’s business. Be it our Consulting projects or the subsequent implementations using Data, AI, ML, IoT, Cloud, or Mobile.

More than a dozen of our customers have seen revenue growth, growth acceleration & operational efficiency benefits from our Implementations – to be from $50Mn to $0.5 Bn. Specifically, in terms of Project sizes, some of our biggest Consulting & Implementation projects have spanned 3-4 years, with 25-30 people teams, with budgets of USD 3-5 Mn. Read more success stories

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