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Bhushan Patil

Bhushan Patil 
Solution Architect

Bhushan specializes in designing Data analytics platform, Cloud solutions & Mobile apps. His areas of expertise include strategic analysis, process improvements & relationship building.

He brings-in the right team - a combination of business understanding, solutioning and technology expertise - to solve your complex business challenges. Continue the conversation.

Page updated in Jan, 2021

Azure for intelligent actions

Extract value with Big Data Management and Analytics

By itself, raw data has no value, especially when hidden in legacy applications. Conventional analytics and business intelligence (BI) solutions are unable to handle this diversity in data. There is a solution: Big Data consultants can turn your meaningless datasets into actionable insights. Then your analytics become the foundation of data-driven decisions that enable your organizations to replace best-guess decisions with real-time intelligence.

Our team examines such data systems to uncover hidden patterns, unknown correlations and presents real-time reports to support business decisions. We develop custom Big Data management and analytics solutions, empowering your team to analyze high-speed information in real-time, producing relevant predictive correlations and patterns.

Advanced Analytics on your Big Data

Access all the tools available in the Microsoft Azure platform

Azure is pre-loaded with cutting-edge Advanced Analytics Tools. It supports languages such as Python, Scala, Java, SQL, and R, as well as AI/ML libraries like TensorFlow and PyTorch, allowing you to work with big data using any of these languages and frameworks. In addition, it can also integrate with Azure Machine Learning, giving you access to a large number of pre-trained machine learning algorithms.

Our Big Data Consulting team leverages cloud-enabled analytics tools like Azure HDInsight to deploy Big Data Solutions. Azure HDInsight makes Apache Hadoop, Kafka, and Spark available as a service on Azure cloud providing an enterprise-ready software framework designed to manage, analyze, and report on big data. Auto scaled to your workload, Azure provides the enterprise-wide infrastructure in the form of monitoring, security, compliance, and high availability via redundancy options.

Know how these leaders are changing their business stories!

  • Client Location Mumbai
  • Emp. Size800+
  • Founded1995

Renewable Energy Solutions provider benefits from robust Data Lake platform

  • Overcame challenges of aggregating disparate data from Wind Turbine Generators (WTG), Mast data, and Numerical Weather Prediction.
  • Data Lake platform with ML capabilities enabled the company to track the condition of assets in real-time.
  • The solution generates automated reports allowing planned shutdowns and scheduled maintenance cycles for optimal wind farm power planning.
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Production Analytics & BI
  • Client Location Cologne
  • Emp. Size4000+
  • Founded1955

Media Broadcasting giant goes cutting-edge with Big Data platform on Azure

  • Existing legacy system lacked to provide support for high-quality media broadcasting of 800+ events/Germany.
  • Large discrete UGC data set meant significant security threats from malicious data. And, the company was facing challenges with security threats, system breakdown & high downtime, and huge storage costs.
  • Modernized Big Data solution built on Azure provides huge architectural support for large discrete media files, easy broadcast of 500 events/yr, and enabled to Go-LIVE in 3 months.
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Data Aggregation
  • Client Location Switzerland
  • Emp. Size10k+
  • Founded1866

World's Largest Manufacturer of Cereals gears-up for reporting & analytics

  • Handling large volumes of sales & production data from more than 50 markets around the globe, using the existing VM based data engine was the biggest challenge for the company.
  • Modernized Big Data platform uses Azure Data Factory, Datawarehouse, Web app and Power BI enabled Data harmonization (ETL) & transformation.
  • Comparison of sales data based on volume in different time period is now possible with the retail big data analytics platform.
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Data Warehousing & Analytics
  • Client Location India
  • Emp. Size2600+
  • Founded1923

Leading Integrated Solutions Provider enhance its sales visibility

  • Company's existing system allows data ingestion and processing to be done manually.
  • No dashboarding & reporting capabilities to take better business & sales decisions quickly.
  • As an MVP, Power BI powered Analytics platform has been developed, which enables automated data ingestion & processing from global sales data warehouse.
Big Data Management
  • Client Location India
  • Emp. Size10,000+
  • Founded1946

World’s Largest Chocolate Manufacturer gains Sales transparency

  • Company struggled with inaccurate sales data due to manually extracting values from flat files across 1200 distributors.
  • Team deployed Azure Data Factory V2, Data Lake Analytics & Analytics Service to enable Data integration, modeling, and transformation into a data platform.
  • Power BI dashboards with desired KPIs & drill-down capabilities enabled data-driven decision-making on-the-fly.
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Sales Analytics & Automated Reporting

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