5 ways How IoT and Analytics help Enterprises drive Business Growth

by Rahul Khode

Technology is playing a major role in shaping business growth, disrupting industry verticals and providing the catalyst for business modernization – through optimizing the business operations, engaging their customers, empowering their employees or upgrading the products. IoT and Analytics platforms are transforming businesses with their rich capabilities to gain quality insights through connected data-driven solutions. Microsoft Azure platform is helping enterprises in this revolution through Azure IoT and Analytics services.

5 ways How IoT and Analytics help Enterprises drive Business Growth

Let’s take a look at how IoT and Analytics are empowering Enterprises in driving business growth

Real-time Management of Critical Systems – With connected IoT assets, enterprises capture vast troves of real-time data that helps in tracking assets, products and day-to-day operations. Such insights can further assist in remote asset monitoring, real-time supply chain visibility, security and fraud detection, which can translate to better operations for an organization. Analytical solutions built around the real-time data, using machine learning techniques, are further helping enterprises in enabling intelligent business operations and predictive analytics.

Extended Business-Critical Operations on Mobile platform
Enterprises are leveraging Enterprise Mobility platform to enable real-time access to critical information from anywhere through handheld devices. Cross-platform mobile apps integrated with IoT and Analytics driven Cloud solutions deliver real-time insights on mobile devices. This data is helping enterprises and its consumers in taking better decisions in real-time. For example, Cloud based Smart Metering Solution built around water meters are helping the utilities and its customers with water consumption data in real-time. This system is helping the customers in taking proper decisions towards efficient water consumption.

Automated Work Management System – While automation forms the backbone process in most industries, it can be vastly improved when optimized with Analytics and IoT. It can pave the way for major improvements in the work environment like remote field-force connectivity. For example, energy wastes can be reduced with the help of smart IoT devices that bring such instances to notice. IoT solutions can even predict when a system is likely to fail, thus offloading the need to have workers manually shut them down for maintenance. Moreover, IoT and real-time analytics can aid in creating a central data repository, which can notify the identification of issues.

Disaster Planning and Recovery – IoT implementation for disaster management can turn out to be one of the biggest game changing trends. With IoT sensors and warning systems, troves of real-time data can help in effective monitoring and analysis. This helps industries or businesses in making critical decisions. For example, IoT sensors can effectively monitor the rise in levels of harmful gases in certain industry units and automatically shuts down the system with a raised alarm. Analytics solutions devised on this critical data can provide possibilities or measures to avoid the likelihood of a disaster taking place, thereby saving plenty of lives.

Proper Utilization of Business Resources – IoT and analytics can work in tandem to provide businesses with reports on planning and utilization of resources at hand. Predictive planning can aid organizations in managing resource allocations that translate to optimal performance. Further, the reallocation of jobs and resources can be based on a mix of real-time statistics and the predictive analytical solutions.

Many Enterprises are combining IoT assets with Microsoft Azure services and driving analytics through Azure machine learning solutions. Azure IoT Suite offers a hub of services to connect, monitor and control numerous IoT devices. Likewise, data based real-time and predictive analytics formulated through ML solutions are benefitting Enterprises with informed decisions. Take advantage of Azure IoT consultants and Analytics experts to securely connect IoT assets, analyse critical data, and present insights to the customers – in the way to drive business growth.

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