AWS Content Analysis Solution: A better way to handle Media Analysis

Published on 29th July 2020

AWS Content analysis solution implementation

With each passing day, we see new tools, technologies, and solutions that are making consumers and business processes easier to manage. And, Amazon is one of those large conglomerates that is at the forefront of the technological revolution. It has recently launched AWS Content Analysis Solution, which helps businesses to quickly & easily make better sense of their media content.

What is AWS Content Analysis?

AWS Content Analysis solution is a tailored AWS application based on Media Sights Engine and provides businesses a framework to quickly build applications to transform/analyze media files on AWS.

Machine learning algorithms are the backbone of the AWS Content Analysis solution. It allows you to make a better sense of media data using machine learning (ML) generated metadata. You can create a serverless application and use any of the AWS-native AI services. These AI services can then be applied to the media content, which, in return, can be used to automate manual processes by using metadata and insights. To make right utilization of this solution implementation, the best way is to get right AWS development team into action, so that you can remain focused in achieving other critical business objectives.

Benefits of using AWS Content Analysis Solution

There are multiple benefits of using AWS Content Analysis. Here’s a list of a few of them.

  • Media Insight Engine (MIE) - The MIE gives you the ability to build applications for analyzing and transforming videos on the AWS platform.
  • Leverage AWS-native AI services – The Solution implementation combines AWS AI services such as Amazon Rekognition, Amazon Translate, Amazon Comprehend, and Amazon Transcribe in extracting metadata from video files.
  • Automate the manual process - With the solution, organizations can automate manual processes, including metadata generation with a single application.
  • Simple web interface - Uploading, browsing, and analyzing video libraries is easy, thanks to the web-based interface.
  • Accurate identification and detection - With the solution, you get high accurate detection when it comes to scene or activity. It can also be useful for detecting pathing and people.

Key Components of AWS Content Analysis

To make quick and meaningful analysis of video metadata, Content Analysis utilizes different tools including:

  • Amazon Rekognition - It lets you automate video and image analysis using machine learning. The solution is highly scalable and can be used without any machine learning expertise. It is used to identify scenes, text, people, objects, and activities.
  • Amazon Transcribe - It lets developers add the much-needed speech to text capability.
  • Amazon Translate - This service allows developers use the translation service for their application.
  • Amazon Comprehend - It is a natural language processing (NLP) service that finds relationships and insights in the text using machine learning.

AWS Solutions Implementation Overview

To implement the solution, you can use the serverless architecture, as shown below.

AWS Solutions Implementation
AWS Solutions Implementation. Source:

The solution utilizes the AWS CloudFormation template. The template then deploys the Amazon API Gateway so that the solution has access to data plane and control plane operations. As a business, you can use the template to set up an AWS Content Analysis solution. If you want to tweak workflows, you need to use AWS Step Functions services and define state machines.

If you are curious about taking this thing forward, you can take help of AWS certified consultants and they can help you to completely set up the solution for your business.

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