Want to use AWS IoT Core in App Development? Things you must know

Published on 27th July 2020

AWS IoT Core Development

Moving to the cloud, connecting devices, and establishing communication in real-time, is what you are looking for? AWS IoT core is all set to help you achieve them, taking your business to the next level. If you are the one who is looking for a scalable IoT platform to connect millions of assets and handle billions of data records, then AWS IoT Core plays a crucial role in building your custom AWS Solution.

AWS IoT Core is the managed cloud platform that streamlines the interaction process between IoT assets and Cloud. With the platform, devices can be remotely monitored & communicated to keep track of all that's happening. Using AWS platform to create robust & scalable cloud-native applications, businesses can quickly go-to-market and achieve their business objectives.

Let’s take a walk through few of the significant reasons our IoT development consulting team has listed out for you to know more about AWS IoT Core.

  • Drives connection between devices

    Leveraging web elements as the WebSockets, HTTP, and MQTT, which is the protocol designed to facilitate connections, AWS IoT Core helps connect devices with ease. These protocols help reduce the code footprint as well as the network bandwidth, supporting intermittent connectivity. In addition to this, AWS IoT Core has the provision of integrating other communication protocols to simplify the job of driving connection between devices.
  • Allows you to modify device state

    A unique feature of AWS IoT Core is that it saves a copy of the device state. Imagine, if after some time the device isn't online. The stored state will be visible on the application creating the impression that it is online (even though it isn't). This way you can easily set up or modify the state of the device. The changes would be reflected once the device is back online.

For illustration, check how an American Instrumentation giant builds scalable & high-end IoT solution using AWS platform. The custom solution can handle more than 3000+ end-devices and houses up to millions of data records. This data now helps them to understand the condition of the device and to prevent any failure before it happens.

  • Enables scalability of Alexa devices in an economical manner

    AWS IoT Core enables integration of the Alexa Voice Service (AVS). This leads to the creation of a different Alexa-based device that can be used to send and receive messages over the MQTT topics that have been used at the time of AWS integration. The above helps in keeping track of the device-side state while actively using the AWS IoT Core connection.
  • Embedding end-to-end security is simple

    When a device first connects with AWS IoT Core, it leads to an automated authentication and encryption of the same. This embeds end to end encryption at all touchpoints ensuring that one cannot access the devices in an unauthorized manner. Further, it allows you to introduce rules and permissions, preventing illegal access.
  • Supports the creation of Device Shadow, Rule Engine & Device Gateway

    AWS IoT Core has the provision where you can create a shadow of all the devices connected. This stores all the information making it easier for the applications or other devices to read and act upon them when needed.

    In addition to this, AWS IoT Core allows one to leverage the AWS services such as Amazon Kinesis, AWS Lambda, Amazon SageMaker required to analyze and act upon data to make data-driven decisions. Rule engines allow messaging and routing data to all such services automating the process and reducing manual work.


AWS IoT Core is definitely the need of the hour, if you are looking to establish communication between millions of assets to Cloud. If used in an efficient manner, AWS IoT Core could be a table-turner, helping you interact with devices and capture data that would help boost your operational efficiency. All you need to do is to leverage it in an efficient way to realize its actual benefits.

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