Azure IoT - The preferred choice over AWS IoT

IoT is topping the technology hype cycle aiming to help business entities achieve connected enterprises. IoT combined with Analytical solutions are helping enterprises solve critical business challenges such as Real-time analytics, sensors integration, maximum asset utilization, real-time supply chain visibility and many more. Amongst the many available IoT service providers, Amazon AWS IoT and Microsoft Azure IoT are the top robust providers. Both offer quality services to help enterprises in achieving their business goals. However, there are many reasons to choose Azure IoT over Amazon IoT, but here are the most important ones.

Azure IoT is preferred choice over AWS IoT
  1. The IoT Hub
    One of the strongest tools in the Azure IoT arsenal is the IoT Hub. Azure IoT Hub establishes simple, secure and bidirectional communication between IoT assets and the cloud. Why is the IoT Hub from Microsoft a better reliable choice than the Amazon one? Mainly it’s the broad support for interfacing with other programs baked directly into the system. Simply put by consultants at Saviant, a trusted IoT development company, this cuts down significantly on the amount of custom programming that's necessary, which results in faster and more cost effective development.
  2. SDK and Language Support
    Azure IoT has broader support for SDKs and languages than the offering from Amazon. While AWS IoT supports C and NodeJS, Azure IoT also provides .Net, UWP (Universal Windows Platform) and Java support. This means that it is more likely that the current coders will be ready to create new codes for use in the IoT project.
  3. AMQP Support
    The Advanced Messaging Queuing Protocol is an open successor and the ultimate replacement for proprietary messaging middleware. It is one of the most reliable and interoperable choices when it comes to messaging protocols, a key feature in any IoT solution development. If we need to make use of AMQP then Azure IoT is the preferable choice, as the AWS offering only supports HTTP and MQTT, both of which are a part of Azure.
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  4. Service Fabric for Low Latency
    Azure Service Fabric is a revolutionary approach to micro service-based applications. In other words, these are exactly the types of applications that are suited for IoT implementations. As it eliminates a lot of coding overhead and streamlines the development process., it also ensures lowest latency performance.
  5. Security
    One of the biggest risk for both customers and enterprises is to secure the data. Hence, Azure has consistently been at the forefront of cybersecurity as compared to AWS. Big Data means big privacy concerns and with such massive streams of data passing through the system, it's a truly daunting task to detect and deter infiltrators. However, Azure has a range of built-in safeguards and clear developer guidelines in the form of Security Development Lifecycle to ensure that IoT apps keep the interest of all stakeholders safe.

Backing the Right Horse
Both Azure and AWS offers similar IoT technology components, however Microsoft has been innovating at an incredible pace to top the competition. The sheer speed with which the IoT Hub had been rolled out stands as an evidence of this. Additionally, more than 50% Fortune enterprises are running ERPs and CRMs on Microsoft Dynamics AX platform, making Azure IoT the favoured choice. Moreover, Microsoft offers an Azure IoT Suite that combines several services such as IoT Hub, Machine Learning, Stream Analytics, Notifications Hubs and Power BI to build powerful IoT solutions. It is for these reasons that Azure IoT stands-out as the most preferred solution of choice for both customers and enterprises.

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