Modernize your businesses with Enterprise Mobility & Cloud

The combination of Enterprise Mobility and Cloud is adding new magnitudes in the way businesses operate. Enterprises today need to adapt to the rapid evolution in technology trends to achieve their business goals and objectives. Also, connecting and engaging with the customers, employees and partners in real-time is crucial for operational efficiency and business growth.

Significance of Cloud & Mobility for business growth
Enterprise mobility promises to be a game changer at present and also in the days to come. Today, the entire global workforce and even consumers are all connected by some form of mobile device, whether it is a notebook, a smartphone or a tablet. Hence, the need for cross-platform and native mobile applications have an important role to play in the business space.

However, to enable real-time communication for online and offline data synchronization, real-time analytics, remote monitoring and push notifications, a powerful backend system that connects mobile apps to the Cloud is essential. A Mobile backend system (MBaaS) enables a plethora of backend capabilities to support highly-functional mobile apps that links them to cloud storage and data processing system.

Thus, the convergence of cloud and mobility results in cloud based enterprise mobility solutions that allow enterprises, field workforces, customers, on-site business managers, and technicians to access business data, reports, and analytics at real-time. This further enables the enterprises to actively harness data that spurs better decision making in business and to serve their customers better.

To gain an advantages with mobility and cloud, Xamarin and Azure platform is the preferred combination. Xamarin - the mobile app development platform that allows enterprises to build native and cross-platform mobile apps. Azure - the Microsoft Cloud platform that allows deployment of these mobile apps and also offers a secure backend system called Azure Mobile App Service as an MBaaS.

Xamarin-based Smart Social Club on Mobile - A Fast-growing Children Entertainment Agency adopts Xamarin to deploy Cross-Platform Mobile Solution on Azure to support Children-Friendly Programs.

Take a look at the few advantages that Enterprises can benefit from Xamarin and Azure platforms.

  • Faster time-to-market – Deploying native or cross-platform mobile apps with a secure backend system is time consuming. However, Azure based enterprise mobility solutions minimize the operations overhead and reduce difficulties in deploying Xamarin apps on cloud.
  • Efficiency gains – Microsoft Azure offers pay-as-you-go model based cloud services and it also allows scaling as per the growth of the business over time. On the other hand, setting up such an infrastructure privately requires tremendous investment upfront and even for maintenance.
  • Multiplatform support – Deploying similar mobile apps across iOS, Android and Windows is time and efforts intensive. Xamarin allows enterprises to develop mobile apps for major platforms simultaneously through code-sharing techniques, thus accelerating the app deployment process.
  • Security & Scalability – Secure mobile backend systems such as Azure Mobile apps service provide infrastructure package that deals with security, performance, scalability and other operational headaches. Enterprise mobile apps hosted on Azure comes with this in-built capacity to avoid operational overheads.
  • Easy maintenance and updates – With OS updates and changes, it becomes important for enterprises to implement updates which can take quite a long time. However, cloud based mobility solutions do not need lengthy periods of time and updates are made almost immediately.
  • Activity supervision – Real-time monitoring of business operations like supply chain network, field work force connectivity has become a mandate these days. Xamarin and Azure based solutions makes activity supervision and real-time communication simpler.

Enterprises can reap numerous benefits by leveraging the power of enterprise mobility and Cloud. However, the challenge remains with enterprises on defining what business applications or processes are required to be mobilized. The implementation of Azure MBaaS driven enterprise mobility solutions are helping the enterprises in improving their operational efficiency, customer satisfaction and business growth. With the recent acquisition of Xamarin by Microsoft, Enterprises can now leverage the Cloud and Enterprise Mobility together using Azure and Xamarin to deploy game-changing mobile applications.

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