IT/OT Convergence in Manufacturing: The Key To Unlock Digital at Scale

IT and OT convergence in Manufacturing

The latest advancements in the industrial sector, such as the integration of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) devices on equipment, machine-to-machine communication, and advanced data analytics, are necessitating a convergence between IT and OT departments. A recent article by Saviant Consulting, featured on Manufacturing Tomorrow, highlights the crucial role of this convergence and the way smart instrument, device, and equipment manufacturers can facilitate this fusion for industrial enterprises. Manufacturing Tomorrow is a premier News and Information resource for the Advanced Manufacturing and Factory Automation Industry.

In this article, the author emphasizes the challenges that many enterprises face in scaling their digital transformation initiatives due to siloed IT and OT teams, lack of support for IIoT use cases, and unavailable data. He explains how IT/OT convergence can address these challenges by creating a seamless and interconnected technological environment.

The article delves into both the obstacles to convergence and the advantages that can be reaped from successful IT/OT convergence. the author also mentions the role of smart instruments, devices, and equipment manufacturers in enabling IT/OT convergence by supplying new & modern equipment that help bring operational data for IT teams to analyze and derive intelligent insights.

In conclusion, the author stresses the significance of IT/OT convergence in optimizing operations, enhancing decision-making, and achieving business goals in the manufacturing industry; urging the businesses to prioritize IT/OT convergence and recognize the merging of traditional OT and modern IT into a unified entity.

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