Why do you need a Microsoft Power BI Consultant?

Published on 10th January 2020 | Bhushan Patil

Power BI Consultant

Business Intelligence systems make use of different processes, methodologies, platforms, architectures, applications, and technologies that make use of raw data and presents intelligent information that can assist in operational, strategical and tactical decision making. Many businesses use traditional BI systems to process their data and make it more actionable & meaningful. However, they are facing few challenges as listed below:

Challenges with the traditional BI Solutions

  • Using an excel-based process: When using the excel-based system you might be exposed to error-prone, slow, time & efforts intensive manual reporting.
  • Don’t have historical data: Only the data that is coming-in is utilized to generate some reports, but it doesn’t get stored for historical analysis in future. Even if you collect data - it remains unexploited and locked in the systems.
  • Lack of self-sufficient BI environment: An ordinary BI system may fail to fulfill its main purpose, which is to provide timely data and information for your operations team to take intelligent decisions quickly.
  • Lack of expertise: The system, in itself, might be sufficient, however, businesses often lack technical members in the team who can harness its full potential.

This list doesn’t end here. Traditional BI systems may not integrate well with the latest technology enabled systems. There are many new, modern cloud-enabled BI tools available in the market. Many powerful BI tools, like Microsoft Power BI, are being used by businesses to process their data to make it more actionable and meaningful. However, even if you have a strong technical in-house BI expertise in your company, or even if you’re a seasoned, tech-savvy business owner; when it comes to the latest analytics tools, you may always need some help to leverage the full potential of that tool. In other words, you need a Power BI consultant to get the most out of the tool and drive data-driven decisions.

Why do you need a Power BI Consultant?

  1. The help that you need Getting Started

    When we say you need help to get started with Power BI, we don’t mean you can’t do it yourself. There’s nothing about the tool that an established business analyst can’t decipher. The Power BI consulting team can help you to set-up the BI environment and help capture the right data. They can also assist you in setting the right KPIs, handle your data storage problems and what not. Mainly, there are three things that you need to be clear about when using Power BI, otherwise, the tool is next to useless for you. These include

    • Data Acquisition
    • Data Modeling
    • Data Visualization

    To make sure you can take up all three at once, Power BI has tools like Power Query and Power Pivot that entirely revolutionize the concept of data management in organizations. In short, even if you’re an expert analyst, chances are you haven’t seen anything like this before. Thus, a consultation will help you get through the initial speed breakers so you can use the software faster and better.

  2. Power BI Consultant can train your in-house key Power BI users

    The consultants can also train your in-house team members who will be using the tool for their daily operations. Typically, they can help your in-house team to drive data-driven culture by:

    • Fixing or enhancing the existing BI dashboard or reports.
    • Understanding requirements, validating their current reports, disapproving their current practices; if they are not in accordance with the industry’s best practices, and recommending better methods.
    • Working closely with the IT team and upper-level management and taking their input on the reporting and data analysis capabilities of Microsoft Power BI.
  3. High level of Power BI expertise

    Believe it or not, there’s a rigid training procedure for Power BI consultants around the world. No matter how well you keep up with the latest online trends, you can’t beat professional training. Meaning, if you opt for a consultation, you’ll be learning from experts who know their way around the software better than yourself and before you know it, you’ll be bringing all those expert-level analytics to your business.

  4. Significant cost-savings

    Without having to hire and train an in-house BI team, business owners can save a great deal. The ready-to-use Microsoft Power BI solutions are also made available in the market for businesses to start using Power BI for their business. These solutions can immediately help in presenting the tough data into a more meaningful, understandable format to the clients. It can also help you identify untapped business opportunities for more growth and providing information that can maximize your ROI. And, the right Power BI consultant can help you in building the right solution for your business or can help build custom dashboards such as Power BI Suppply chain dashboards, Power BI logistics dashboards, and comparitive drug analytics dashboards to name a few.

Conclusion: To Sum it up

Solving customer queries, visualization, and of course reporting fall under the duties of any consultant. These analysts carry out extensive research & analysis on volumes of data and provide insights that are more valuable to the business. Power BI consultants also keep a track of the latest market trends and report these to the stakeholders. In short, BI analysts have the capability to see beyond the surface and identify areas that can be tweaked for business to enhance profits and efficiency.

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