Cross-platform App Development using Xamarin

Discover Enterprise Mobility with Xamarin and mBaaS

Innovative Enterprises are constantly on a hunt to maximize asset utilization, enhance operational efficiency, and unlock critical insights. This demands secure data connectivity, fast remote asset management, near zero response time & easier accessibility to Enterprise data. Such key initiatives need robust Cross-platform mobile apps. However, developing such apps for iOS, Android & Windows, at the same time, is both time and effort intensive as they require distinctive programming for each platform. In addition, the necessary support around architecture construction, integration with Cloud and its maintenance still remains a challenge.

Our Cross-platform app development team defines Enterprise Mobility strategy, develops & integrates mobile apps securely and rapidly into a business environment. We deliver path-breaking Xamarin mobile solutions that maximize business results of asset-intensive enterprises. This is evident in our recognition as a Premier Consulting Partner of Xamarin.

Build intuitive Cross-platform user interfaces using Xamarin

Native-Mobile Applications provide best user experience and performance output. However, developing such native applications are equally time-consuming and efforts intensive. Xamarin helps deploy cross platform mobile applications up to 100% code reuse. Xamarin lets you develop single instance of mobile app in C#, and deploy it on Android; IOS; Windows environment in Java; Objective C; C# respectively.

Our Cross-platform app development team leverages Xamarin platform to create Enterprise-grade Mobile apps. We test consistency and robustness of these apps using Xamarin Test Cloud. The time taken to deploy these native apps is in days/weeks as against months otherwise.

Build Enterprise Mobility Strategy using Xamarin Forms

Enterprises are looking for connected enterprise strategy to remain ahead of competition. Remote asset connectivity, anytime anywhere secure data access, and integration with existing IT assets remain the key challenges to implement a successful connected enterprise. Enterprise Mobility platform can solve these challenges. However, this demands robust mobile application framework, cloud integration protocol and legacy application incorporation, which are efforts intensive.

Enterprises can leverage Xamarin Forms application development framework to implement the Enterprise Mobility strategy with nearly 100% code sharing capabilities. Our developers are helping them achieve secure data connectivity, fast remote asset management, near zero response time, and easier accessibility to enterprise data by leveraging Xamarin framework.

Faster App-development with Xamarin and Azure Mobile Services

Go-live within weeks with your planned Enterprise Mobility strategy. Deploy integrated Enterprise Mobile applications with the help of Azure Mobile services. Microsoft Azure Mobile Services consolidates your Active directory, single sign-on, integration with databases, Push notifications, Social media integration as well as Offline-Sync features, all in ready to use stage.

Our Xamarin consultants focuses on leveraging Azure mobile services to help you speed up your application development process, and also eliminate the need for cross platform development.

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