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Custom AWS Cloud solution - A Modernized & enhanced business platform for a HealthcareTechCo

HealthcareTechCo is headquartered in Colorado Springs, Colorado. They develop and provide animal healthcare management software. They offer remote health diagnostic, disease surveillance, animal health paper (eCVI) documentation, and vet client-patient relationship management software. They have strategic partnerships with Merck Animal Health, Michigan State University Diagnostic Center for Population and Animal Health, Kansas State Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory, and Feedlot Health Management Services. Their innovative solutions are simple and help solve complex business challenges. This helps enhance customer experience and generate revenue. However, their dependency on a costly solution to manage their database and process it was creating roadblocks for them. Here are the shortcomings they experienced-

Costly Process

The existing solution platform of HealthcareTechCo was managed by a team of engineers, it proved to be an expensive deal. This task force looked after the operations, maintenance and compliance of the solution platform. They wanted to shift the human dependency on an advanced cloud platform and reduce the manual effort. This would enhance the process efficiency, achieve a faster go-to-market strategy and prove to be a cost-effective option for HealthcareTechCo.

No new means of revenue generation

HealthcareTechCo’s existing solution platform faced challenges with developing new features and enhancing the existing ones. They had the potential to enhance their solution platforms, offer more functionalities such as memberships, subscriptions, animal health record tracking, animal ownership transfer etc. However, with the shortcomings of the existing platform, they could not explore new ways to generate revenue.

Manual intervention

The existing solution platform of HealthcareTechCo consisted of manual intervention- to enter, retrieve and manage data. Even the further processes which dealt with decision-making related to animal health, memberships, subscription, event organizing etc. required manual intervention. This brought into picture an array of possibilities related to the inaccuracy, improper decision making, time, cost and efforts. This increased the likelihood of process inefficiency.

Solution - Enhanced AWS Cloud Solution

HealthcareTechCo needed an automated solution which eliminated manual dependencies. In collaboration with Saviant, they developed an enhanced AWS Cloud solution. It consisted of advancements in the existing features and added new ones. The new features such as subscription renewal for existing members became automated. This helped generate more revenue with automation, faster processing time and fewer efforts. Event organizing became automated too. The ownership transfer of animals was absent in the earlier version. Our AWS development team added this feature in the new solution as a result of which the buying and selling of horses became easier than earlier. Due to the quick go-to-market, HealthcareTechCo benefitted from satisfying customer needs. In the case of one particular client, they were on the way to dissolving due to insufficient technical capability. With HealthcareTechCo’s solution, they received simplicity and flexibility. The AWS Cloud solution became their primary regulatory solution software.

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