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Data Acquisition and Integration Services

We partner with Instruments engineering and equipment manufacturing companies to design and deliver custom software that acquires, integrates, manages and analyzes data. Our teams enable you to re-imagine your offering, from simply selling data-emitting hardware to your Enterprise clients, to really providing them Intelligence-as-a-service. We share your goal of putting the latest digital technologies to work, to make your industrial systems & equipment more intelligent. Why? Because we believe enabling them to do more than ever before - makes things better, faster, safer & economical for everyone.

Capture data from DAQ systems
Capture your data from DAQ systems into useful formats. Leverage our expertise to establish communication between DAQ system and on-premises server or Cloud gateway; using various industry protocols (Modbus, TCP, Power Link etc.), OPC, OPC UA or MQTT. We also help you collect this data and store it for further data transformation, processing, and analysis.
Integrate data from various sources
Our Engineers help you get all the data from different DAQ systems or sources to a single unified platform. We’ll ensure that this system is repeatable with strong governance, high availability, and competitive SLAs. This complex data is then transformed into fully automated ETL pipelines. Reduce time to value with technologies like Azure HD Insight, Apache Spark, Kafka and more, to maintain any infrastructure or servers.
Build a highly reliable system
We do not take accuracy and security of your data lightly. Our teams diligently follow device management, and data governance best practices to determine potential threats before time. You stay focused on offering intelligence-as-a-service to your Enterprise clients, while we manage the reliability of your data.
Data Analytics and Visualization
Process and analyze large volume of data spread across various databases. Get real-time insights and run machine learning models to derive predictive insights. We build intelligent and interactive dashboards using business intelligence and visualization tools like Power BI. You can set your sources to auto refresh and your customers can communicate better with real-time data.
Featured Case study
Data Engineering to enable condition monitoring of Industrial Equipment
Data Acquisition Solution
  • European instruments company manufactures DAQ system, which acquires data in real-time from sensor & integrates with various software apps.
  • Different DAQ systems in use meant - lack of standard device functionality, poor time-to-market, and efforts intensive to maintain multiple devices.
  • To overcome these challenges, the company partnered with Saviant to build a robust condition monitoring platform with smart analytics & AI capabilities, which captures data from any device, manages it and delivers intelligence.
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Why Industry Leaders choose Saviant

Strong Technology Expertise
Successfully delivered 210+ greenfield solutions around Data Engineering, IoT, Cloud & Data Analytics, across the globe
Simple Pricing Engagement Model
Fixed price approach with well-defined SoW based projects and milestone based payments
Agile & Lean Philosophy
12 weeks to MVP using accelerator based approach, ready-to-use IPs, and frameworks

Frequently Asked Questions

We work with 120+ customers across the US, Canada, UK, Western Europe, Aus, UAE, and APAC. We are hyper-focused on these 7 geographies.

We do not focus yet on businesses in South East Asia, Latin Americas, Africa, and Eastern Europe.

We only get paid when we deliver as per the agreed project milestones.

Our finance team never sends any invoice to our customers till the deliverables are reviewed & okayed as per the agreed milestones.

You can stop or cancel your projects at any time, without any penalties. (Although, over the last 6-years, no customer has stopped/canceled any project)

We do not bind our customers into lengthy lock-in contracts.

Moreover, our usual working model is that till we don’t deliver as per the agreed project milestones, we don’t even send you the invoice.

We provide a 1-year no-cost warranty for all the solutions we deliver. So, our customers don’t really need any support from us to just manage “bugs” post implementation. And, post implementation, we happily train their existing teams to manage the new solution in-house.

Yes, our customers do usually need post-production support for adding new features, or making small changes, and enhancements. Our Solutions Support™ teams, handle that, with a nominal fee, working with their in-house teams.

And yes, we don’t ask our clients to sign-up for yearly support contracts. We prefer to spend everyone’s time, effort & hard-earned money towards building new solutions, while our Solutions Support team supports current implementations, wherever needed, at a nominal cost.

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