US based world-class Utility service provider implements technology-first MDM & Utility Analytics solution for intelligent decision-making

About the Client

Our Client is a world-class manufacturer and supplier of smart infrastructure solutions (SIS) to more than 780 water, gas, and electric utilities globally, since 1972. They help utilities in providing extremely reliable and efficient services to their customers by coupling new technology with data-driven solutions. They help utilities across US in optimizing operations and motivating consumers towards energy conservation.

The Result

Using the robust meter data management system, the client is now able to manage 1 Bn+ data records per day coming in from 1.2 Million smart meter devices. The Utility analytics system enabled the utilities to validate meter reads, determine peak usage periods, reduce water loss, minimize billing errors, etc.

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The Challenges

Our client was finding ways to enhance the consumer experience, minimize complaints, and improve their existing meter data management system performance. They had AMI/ AMR data, Billing data, CIS data coming in from multiple sources collected from distribution, residential, commercial and industrial areas. Their large & complex metering systems meant frequent data quality issues like missing or negative data getting recorded and stored. However, their existing MDM system lacked capabilities to process the collected raw metered data efficiently for analysis.

To overcome the inevitability of data quality issues, the client wanted a scalable & robust MDM system that helps in processing enormous volumes of meter data. They wanted to implement a standard data processing method called Validation, Estimation and Edit (VEE) to mitigate the risk of using unprocessed data for analysis. Thus, VEE process would simplify data processing efforts for assessment of utility consumption and accurate billing. They also wanted to generate analytics using VEE summary data to provide real-time visibility of water consumption. They wanted these smart data analytics capabilities to let utilities analyse water distribution & consumption patterns, provide accurate billing, and match supply-demand precisely.

Water Meter Data Management (MDM) & Data Analytics Solution 

Azure Blob, No SQL, Azure Event Hubs, Cassandra, Tableau & Azure Web Apps Services

With the proven expertise in the field of Data platform & Analytics for Utilities, Saviant has developed a highly scalable Water Meter Data Management (MDM) & Data Analytics solution that addresses our client’s business needs. A range of cloud services such as No SQL (Cassandra), Azure Blob, Azure Event Hub for data ingestion, and Tableau for data visualization were leveraged to build this utility analytics solution.

Our experts developed an integrated MDM solution that allows to ingest AMI/ AMR data, Billing data, CIS data to generate analytics. We have customized the Validation, Estimation and Editing (VEE) process using various algorithms and implemented the standard process to enhance the quality of smart metering values. This VEE process includes a data quality check, value estimations and edits to clean the data for reasonableness, before it is transferred to the billing system. The system performs data validation check that includes a series of tests, such as missing interval, zero, negative value, spike, static value, high/low usage, and sum check. This ensured to detect meter data errors raised due to improper operational conditions, hardware/software malfunctions, load profile limits, etc., This data cleansing process helped the client to rectify the erroneous as well as missing reads with valid estimations & edits to ensure zero billing errors. Thus, the multitenant PaaS solution built on Microsoft Azure platform helped ensure data accessibility, scalability, reliability & security.

The simplified data is then used to generate various analytics like Meter to Cash, Constant Consumption, Negative Consumption, Abnormal Consumption, etc. These reports help the client to get deep insights on water consumption patterns and trends. The system enables visualization of data coming-in from 1.2 Million water meters installed at various locations. It processes more than 1 Bn+ records per day. The Real-time intelligence architecture helps utilities understand water usage pattern to take the right decisions at the right time. This system also allows the utilities to take preventive actions as against reactive for leakage, abnormal/ over usage, mal-functioning of assets, etc.

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