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Why do smart manufacturers partner with data analytics company?

Industrial enterprises need to keep an eye on their operations, for which they need deeper visibility into it. This would allow them to analyze data patterns/trends every day and to leverage such derived insights for optimization of operations. For this, the smart instruments which are installed to monitor the industrial operations have to capture live data. Which can then be analyzed to contextualize with business KPIs like efficiency, performance, root cause analysis, and throughput.

However, it’s not an easy task to get this done and you need strong expertise in technology as well as industry domain. Which is where a trusted data analytics company, like Saviant, can help achieve your goals successfully. Expedite your time-to-market with your custom solution developed using our industrial frameworks, IPs, and award-winning teams. We help you in:

Creating a unified data platform

using all the data contextualized from various sources like machines, sensors, and ERP into a single source

Analyzing data and deriving insights

leveraging ML and statistical models for real-time intelligence, predictive capabilities, and future outcomes.

Generating timely notifications & alarms

enabling field service engineers and customers to make quick decisions regarding production, maintenance, inspection etc.

Identifying correlations & patterns

from the machines and operations data, thereby enabling root-cause analysis and faster anomaly detection.

How Saviant helps smart instrument manufacturers

Data analytics consulting

It is challenging to capture and store data from multiple sources in different formats and in different sizes. This demands the need for data engineers and consulting team to create a unified platform that collects any kind of data for our future purpose.

Machine learning development services

As more and more smart devices, instruments, and machines are being used by industrial enterprises, large volume of data is also being generated. But efficient utilization of such data for intelligent insights is possible using the help of ML experts.

Predictive Analytics consulting

Historical and real-time data is helpful to find patterns & correlations, which can further help in predicting outcomes or failures. Predictive analytics team can help in building, training, and deploying models quickly for accurate results.

One of the world's
largest smart-metering manufacturers helps 900+ large electric & water utilities monitor distribution networks for
faults & outages, using custom data platform

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Why smart instruments manufacturers choose Saviant for their data analytics roadmap

Enterprise-grade solutions

Enterprise-grade solutions

Building solutions that are technology ready for next decade, with optimized project costs & best practices
Quick go-to-market

Quick go-to-market

40% faster development using our industrial frameworks, technology expertise, and ready-to-use IPs
100% solution success rate

100% solution success rate

Successfully delivered 300+ solutions across manufacturing, energy, and industrial engineering enterprises

Awards & Industry Recognition

Saviant’s work in industrial automation, IoT, Cloud, Mobility, and Data analytics has been recognized by influential publications and organizations across the world. Our teams design, build & deploy custom enterprise-grade solutions for real-time and predictive insights.

Data analytics consulting firm

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