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Data Engineering life cycle to unlock the potential of your machine data

Data engineering solution life cycle
Securely ingest data and unify all your data sources
Easily connect and securely capture data in real-time from diverse sources - including sensors, SCADA systems, PLCs, OPC UA servers and many more industrial systems. Leverage our expertise to build connectors for every source of data.

Enable remote device management to easily scale, monitor, and onboard multiple devices. We also ensure data integrity, uniformity and privacy of your data and eliminate any risk of security breach, while you focus on taking intelligent decisions.

Get real-time understanding of your data
Data from live machines and industrial systems is highly varied, irregular, and out of order. Our engineers will build a carefully managed system that enables standardized representation of data - by working with streaming time-series data, automating the data movement, and creating common data models to transform raw data.

We also help you build high-performing data pipeline by understanding what data you have, what it is called, and how to link meta-data for data transformation.

Process, Benchmark, and monitor data in real-time
Get all your data stored in a centralized repository on cloud for further analysis. Our team will help you choose the analytics frameworks and tools to analyze the transformed data.

Spend your time analyzing the machine data, while we build a highly-reliable data processing & ETL platform using advanced software development techniques for you to get started quickly. Focus on your principal responsibilities as our teams manage the growing variety, velocity, and volume of data to make it usable.

Get intelligent & interactive dashboards for business intelligence
Access and view your data through web and mobile interfaces across various levels - device, system, or application. Visualize your data in the form of reports, charts, and dashboards for intelligent decision-making.

Let our experts create customized and highly interactive dashboards using tools like Power BI. Communicate better with machine data in real-time and share the dashboards easily with managed secure access & role-based permissions.

Featured Case study
Real-time Data Engineering for testing & monitoring industrial systems
Data Acquisition Solution
  • UK-based instruments engineering company provides smart sensors & hardware that capture data from equipment for manual fault detection.
  • To automate data collection & processing and add AI capabilities, the company faced challenges like modern data platform expertise, & app integration with hardware products.
  • A well-thought data engineering approach was adopted to engineer and build a data platform that holds power to connect millions of sensors and enables more efficient & automated fault diagnosis.
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Why Industry Leaders choose Saviant

Strong Technology Expertise
Successfully delivered 210+ greenfield solutions around Data Engineering, IoT, Cloud & Data Analytics, across the globe
Simple Pricing Engagement Model
Fixed price approach with well-defined SoW based projects and milestone based payments
Agile & Lean Philosophy
12 weeks to MVP using accelerator based approach, ready-to-use IPs, and frameworks

Frequently Asked Questions

We care about solving big business problems, the more complex the better! Especially, the business growth & operational efficiency related challenges faced by certain Industries across the globe.

The size of the project wouldn’t matter, if we find each other like-minded. We would love to hear from you.

And yes, we have done consulting projects of all sizes - $5k, $50k or $500k. And a lot of the smaller consulting projects have created some of the biggest & boldest impacts on our clients’ businesses. Read more success stories

Our processes & systems are designed to collaboratively work with the in-house teams & other vendors-teams of our customers. When co-developing the solutions, our teams are designed to mirror the processes followed by existing teams, be it Scrum-based Agile, Agile XP, CI-CD, DevOps, Security Audits, or anything else.

We carry, at all times, the Omissions & Errors insurance; plus the Professional Liability Insurance. And for any specific requirements, we work with our customers’ legal teams to ensure all required details are in place.

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