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Enabling real-time actions with custom IoT solutions

Your unconnected environment that includes assets, supply networks, customers and workforce can be the source to unlock insights. Create connected world, capture the data from the sensors and analyze it. This data can help you make better decisions quickly. Work with IoT development team to build custom solutions enabling you to -

Connect IoT devices to Cloud

Enable bidirectional communication with your connected devices. Leverage IoT gateway and IoT protocols such as MQTT, AMQP, HTTPS or DDS to communicate with IoT devices. Choose your own device and we can connect them to cloud.

Data integration & Analytics

Capture device telemetry data. Store such data, process & analyze it in real-time. Monitor the health of your devices and take intelligent actions quickly. Build such scalable IoT architecture for data management & analytics.

Build IoT apps for Web & Mobile

Web and Mobile applications enable you to monitor the Internet of Things environment. Understand the captured data by visualizing it in the form of dashboards and reports. Make intelligent decisions and manage your assets.

Making connected devices smarter with highly-scalable, robust IoT applications

Today, asset-intensive & field-force driven Enterprises are adopting IoT to transform their business operations. Major reasons to adopt IoT is to - minimize human-machine as well as human-human interaction, monitor assets’ health in real-time, manage workforce remotely, and schedule asset maintenance programs. Custom IoT applications that connect smart devices, assets, workforce & business and enables you to solve such real-world challenges is the need of the hour.

With a range of IoT development services, we are helping enterprises define their technology roadmap and implementation strategy. Enabling them to build systems of intelligence. So far, we connected more than 100 Mn devices/equipment and analyzed thousands and billions of data records for customers across US, UK, Australia, Canada & EMEA.

Enabling businesses with custom IoT App & Solutions

Modernized solution

High-end, scalable Industrial IoT solution

Leading American Instrumentation company builds robust IIoT solution that tracks the health of 3000+ connected devices in real-time.

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Big Data challenges

Leading Energy company reduces penalties for Utilities

The company forecasts Wind Power generation by monitoring assets' condition; thereby reduces the gap between the power generation promised & transmitted.

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asset maintenance

Enabling Condition Monitoring of Assets using IoT Application

Global supplier of productivity enhancing instrumentation reduces cost, time & risk of asset repair using Azure-based IoT platform.

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