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IoT Application Development Services

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Enabling real-time actions with custom IoT solutions

Your environment includes assets, supply networks, customers and workforce. . .all of which can be the source to unlock insights. Create a connected world, capture the data from the sensors, and analyze it. This data can help you make better decisions quickly. Work with IoT application development team to build custom solutions enabling you to -

Connect IoT devices to Cloud

Enable bidirectional communication with your connected devices. Leverage IoT gateway and IoT protocols such as MQTT, AMQP, HTTPS or DDS to communicate with IoT devices. Choose your own device and we can connect them to cloud.

Data integration & Analytics

Capture device telemetry data. Store such data, process & analyze it in real-time. Monitor the health of your devices and make optimal actions quickly. Build a scalable IoT architecture for data management and analytics.

Build IoT apps for Web & Mobile

Web and Mobile applications enable you to monitor the Internet of Things environment. Understand the captured data by visualizing it in the form of dashboards and reports. Make intelligent decisions and manage your assets.

Robust IoT applications

Making connected devices smarter with highly-scalable, robust IoT applications

Asset-intensive and field-force driven Enterprises are adopting IoT to transform their business operations. Major reasons to adopt IoT are to - minimize human-machine as well as human-human interaction, monitor assets’ health in real-time, manage workforce remotely, and schedule asset maintenance programs. Your investment in custom IoT applications that connect your environment and enables you to solve such real-world challenges is sure to produce high returns.

With a range of IoT application development services, we are helping enterprises define their technology roadmap and implementation strategy. We have connected more than 100 million devices and analyzed billions of data records for customers across the US, UK, Australia, Canada & EMEA.

Enabling businesses with custom IoT Applications

Modernized solution

High-end, scalable industrial IoT solution

Leading American instrumentation company builds robust IoT solution that tracks the health of 3,000+ connected devices in real-time.

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Big Data challenges

Leading energy company balances power delivery.

The company forecasts wind power generation by monitoring assets' condition, reducing the gap between power promised vs. transmitted.

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asset maintenance

Enabling assets condition monitoring for predictive maintenance

Global supplier of productivity-enhancing instrumentation reduces cost, time & risk of asset repair using Azure-based IoT platform.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Majority of our successful implementations have come with customers in industries like Equipment Manufacturing, Renewable Energy, Power & Utilities, Oil & Gas, Logistics & Transportation, and Process manufacturing. These implementations have been across the US, Canada, UK, Australia, UAE and APAC.

The biggest business benefits in these implementations have been where CXOs, VPs and Directors – across Operations, Finance and Technology – have been directly involved in Roadmap creation & Execution planning.

We assess the size of each project based on its impact on our client’s business. Be it our Consulting projects or the subsequent implementations using Data, AI, ML, IoT, Cloud, or Mobile.

More than a dozen of our customers have seen revenue growth, growth acceleration & operational efficiency benefits from our Implementations – to be from $50Mn to $0.5 Bn. Specifically, in terms of Project sizes, some of our biggest Consulting & Implementation projects have spanned 3-4 years, with 25-30 people teams, with budgets of USD 3-5 Mn. Read more success stories

We provide a fixed-fee solution, that’s milestone-based. In our consulting model, we love sharing the risks of our customers’ business & projects.

Our processes & systems are designed on getting it right the first time. So, if we don’t deliver as per the agreed project milestones, we don’t get paid.

Post-implementation, we provide 1-year free warranty – because we know our solutions work, without fail. Our customers love this. And find their actual costs of ownership pretty cost-competitive, lesser by at least 60%.

It’s NOT our model to provide a $50k project budget – that eventually gets delayed by months; has bugs during production use, is costly to add new features, has architecture scalability challenges later, and whose ongoing support is even expensive than the original implementation.

If our customers spend $50k – that’s the only cost they incur. Everything else is taken care of by the solutions & processes from our teams, at the same cost.

We are a Business Consulting company, that takes up the downstream Technical Implementations to also be done by our in-house teams. Our customers are free to use their own IT teams for solution implementations post consulting phase, while our team focuses on Upstream Consulting activities, providing a detailed Solution Design, Approach, Roadmap & Project plan. Or, like in most cases, we work with their in-house IT teams to jointly implement these Greenfield solutions.

We are not a staffing company, and we don’t provide contract resources.

We provide local support to all our customers through our offices in India, as well as through local partner offices in US-east, US-mountain, US-central, US-pacific, UK, UAE, and Aus. Some of the customers are jointly supported with local Microsoft teams, AWS teams, and Data Platform partners in that region.

We work with 120+ customers across the US, Canada, UK, Western Europe, Aus, UAE, and APAC. We are hyper-focused on these 7 geographies.

We do not focus yet on businesses in South East Asia, Latin Americas, Africa, and Eastern Europe.

We care about solving big business problems, the more complex the better! Especially, the business growth & operational efficiency related challenges faced by certain Industries across the globe.

The size of the project wouldn’t matter, if we find each other like-minded. We would love to hear from you.

And yes, we have done consulting projects of all sizes - $5k, $50k or $500k. And a lot of the smaller consulting projects have created some of the biggest & boldest impacts on our clients’ businesses. Read more success stories

Every year, we certify our teams and processes for various global Compliances and Competencies – to provide secure, and highest-quality solutions to our customers across the US, Canada, UK, Aus, UAE and APAC.

Our processes are ISO 27001 compliant, as well as Certified by Microsoft/AWS/Data-Partner teams for delivering various solutions under Cloud, Data, BI, Mobile, AI & ML. All our offices and assets used by our team members are compliant as per Cloud Security protocols, ISO requirements, as well as GDPR security guidelines.

We are a duly registered & accredited Consulting company, under Indian Companies Act.

You can stop or cancel your projects at any time, without any penalties. (Although, over the last 6-years, no customer has stopped/canceled any project)

We do not bind our customers into lengthy lock-in contracts.

Moreover, our usual working model is that till we don’t deliver as per the agreed project milestones, we don’t even send you the invoice.

Our processes & systems are designed to collaboratively work with the in-house teams & other vendors-teams of our customers. When co-developing the solutions, our teams are designed to mirror the processes followed by existing teams, be it Scrum-based Agile, Agile XP, CI-CD, DevOps, Security Audits, or anything else.

Any other questions not answered? Read more here