Legacy Application Modernization Services for Industrial SaaS Software Providers

Build or re-engineer scalable, integrated solutions with modernized architecture that are technology-ready for the next decade

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Legacy application modernization services for SaaS providers

Industrial enterprises in the competitive environment are facing an increasing need to cut down on operational costs. This translates into the need for automation, higher accuracy, and efficiency of various industrial systems. However, realizing these business objectives with their legacy data systems, in which they have already invested heavily, is a challenge. Legacy data systems come with problems like latency that impedes timely decisions, data security vulnerabilities, outdated UI/UX, integration with various systems, standardization across platforms, and higher maintenance & support.

Industrial SaaS software providers, which offer SaaS software to such enterprises, are required to integrate their software with modern systems. Therefore, the need to build solutions that integrate easily with their customer’s industrial systems offers scalability capabilities concerning availability, security & performance, and are at par with modern users’ experience.

At Saviant, our expertise in SaaS software consulting & legacy application modernization services enables us to assist these industrial software providers to modernize or re-engineer their legacy applications or systems while supporting seamless system integration at their customers’ end.

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Legacy application modernization maturity lifecycle

Broadly, there are three different levels of complexities where legacy system modernization will enable your customers & your business.

Level 1


At this level, you have adopted loosely coupled architecture – microservices, DevOps, containers & Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment and modernized the core application.

Level 2

AI-ML based

At this level, SaaS providers utilize cloud computing for AI and Machine Learning driven analytics, enhancing their offerings to be more proactive and predictive.

Level 3

Integration and collaboration

At this level, SaaS providers focus on integrating the systems with platforms & tools, to create an interconnected ecosystem. They develop APIs/SDKs, and integration points for smooth data exchange and system collaboration.

How we work with you - our approach

Our consulting & implementation teams follow four distinct stages to help achieve your goals within a few weeks or months:


1. Assessment of current legacy systems

Assess what's the current state of your legacy apps or systems, their features, functions, and how your organisation fits into the current technology landscape

Constructing roadmap

2. Build modernization

What’s missing to form a business case and look at modernization options to redeploy the application components to cloud infrastructure

Designing architecture

3. Technology and
architecture planning

Defining modernization approach, while preserving the existing specifications, with respect to architecture and technology-ready for next decade

Ongoing support and maintenance

4. Implementation and ongoing maintenance

Create an implementation roadmap with an incremental process to derive better value for business and provide ongoing maintenance support to completely adopt the solution

Why industrial SaaS software providers choose Saviant for their legacy applications modernization

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Expertise in building SaaS roadmaps or supporting existing ones enabling the delivery of higher value to the end customers.
99% solution success rate

Technological expertise

Experienced team of over 150 professionals with expertise across IoT, Cloud, Data Analytics, Machine Learning, AI, and more
Enterprise-grade solutions

Quick go-to-market

40% faster development using our tested and proven industrial frameworks, latest technology expertise, and ready-to-use IPs

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Saviant offers legacy application and systems modernization services for industrial SaaS Software providers to re-engineer or modernize their SaaS platforms. We specialize in SaaS consulting, custom software development solutions, advanced data analytics solutions, systems integration, software systems engineering for customers across energy, Construction, and Real estate.

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