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Go-live in less than 10 weeks with custom Mobile apps

It's not a matter of developing mobile apps; it's a matter of creating the mobile app strategy that best suits your business needs. Perhaps you want to capture data from IoT devices, control remote assets, manage workforce operations, enable 27X7 data access, and other specific operations using Mobile Apps. Our Mobile app development & consulting experts can help. Forget the challenges of creating the scalable solution architecture construction, integrating with the cloud, and its maintenance. From ideation to testing and publishing, the team will cover you all the way. Go-to-market quickly with a faster app development cycle using frameworks like Xamarin, React Native, or Flutter.

At Saviant, our industrial mobility framework helps smart device manufacturers and industrial SaaS software providers build mobile apps, that enable functionalities like:

Mobility framework
  • Online & Offline functionality
    enables field workforce to continue using the Mobile app, even in remote locations with no network connectivity or no internet connectivity for fault-free operations.
  • Analytics and insights on the go
    for field workforce or end-customers to take intelligent actions. With Mobile apps hosted on Cloud, you can provide data access to users in real-time and offer analytics and intelligence on the fly.
  • Timely alerts and notifications
    on mobile devices help in making intelligent decisions; to reduce unplanned downtimes, increase productivity, and improve equipment lifespan, thereby enabling fault-free operations.
  • IoT device configuration and communication
    via Bluetooth/IR/NFC/WiFi using mobile apps to acquire data for remote monitoring and control, with a scalable mobile backend architecture (MBaaS) on Cloud.

Leveraging various mobile app development platforms
to build custom apps across iOS & Android

Xamarin platform

Get native-like performance level through Xamarin based Cross-platform mobile apps. Microsoft Visual Studio, C#, and .NET with Xamarin make a complete framework to build apps that provide a seamless user experience. Our team tests the robustness of such apps using Xamarin TestCloud.

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React Native

Leverage this open-source app framework to build apps across iOS & Android. Use JavaScript, React, and native platform capabilities for creating mobile apps. Hot reload, reliability, and native UI components are a few of its platform advantages, to create a simpler path to market.

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The modern open-source framework, Flutter provides the complete development ecosystem to build Mobile apps rapidly. Our developers possess extensive knowledge of Dart language, IDEs, packages, and tools to leverage pre-built widgets and expedite your app development.

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Avalonia UI

A cross-platform UI framework, and an open-source, Avalonia UI helps to quickly build pixel perfect apps that can run on iOS, macOS, Windows, Android, and Linux. Our experts leverage its custom rendering engine, with in the .NET Foundation, to ensure consistent behavior and appearance.

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.NET Multi-platform App UI (MAUI) helps build cross-platform apps for iOS, Android, macOS, and Windows. It is the evolution of Xamarin.Forms. Let our team address your challenges to move apps to .NET MAUI or build high-performing and scalable MAUI apps while you focus on realizing your goals.

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Why choose Saviant for your Xamarin & MAUI roadmap

100% solution success rate

99% solution success rate

Successfully delivered 300+ industry solutions across manufacturing, energy, and construction

Simple Pricing

Fixed price structure with a clear, well-defined Scope of Work (SoW) and milestone payments

40% faster development

12 weeks to MVP using accelerator-based approach, ready-to-use IPs, and frameworks

How we work with you

From system assessment to providing on-going maintenance support, our holistic approach ensures to deliver Xamarin mobile app that help achieve your business goals. Our expertise in building industrial solutions has helped to create this efficient process, which includes:


1. Initial assessment

Assessing what kind of IoT devices you want to connect/control, what operations you want to manage using mobile app, and understanding the business use case.


2. Define product roadmap

Assessing which development platform is suitable for the mobile app and creating a plan to design, develop, and deploy mobile app, while keeping in mind the objectives to achieve.


3. Design architecture

Creating a scalable architecture, backed by a powerful backend system. Identifying the right technology stack to build app that is tech-ready for the next decade.


4. Mobile app development

Building mobile app and providing ongoing maintenance support to equip you to completely adopt the app and deliver better value to your customers.

Awards & Industry Recognition

Saviant is the preferred mobile app development company by industrial enterprises across the globe. We leverage our strong expertise in Xamarin Flutter, React Native, Avalonia UI, MAUI, Cloud, Power BI, and modern data platforms, to build custom mobile solutions for end users to execute their field operations seamlessly.

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