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Saviant’s AI Lab takes the crown

Saviant’s AI Lab

Pune, June 28, 2019
Saviant’s brand new AI initiative takes the crown among the numerous efforts being conducted in the Industrial IoT Lab. Thus, this research-focused center of excellence continues with a stellar contribution to the company’s growth.

The IIoT lab was launched a few years ago with the objective of building PoCs for unproven technical concepts. As the demand for AI-based initiatives grew, Saviant allocated special skills, resources, infrastructure and processes to solving complex challenges. This investment has been fruitful as it enabled customers to become early adopters of new technology. They remained assured of the technology being conducive to their environment. This reduced the risk of failure to explore and build new solutions.

Today, the IIoT projects are oriented towards providing value to cross-functional teams across various industries. They empower enterprises with visual analytics using edge computing. Other significant projects oversee predictive maintenance for field equipment and Blockchain enabled power grid management.

With special efforts being committed to this lab, RaaS i.e. Research as a Service is another offering to result in greenfield solutions.

“The Industrial IoT lab was born out of our own interest to evaluating new technologies, without really focusing on their commercial impact. However, with the sheer potential it provides, more and more customers are employing it to prove their unproven concepts. I am certain, very soon we may offer it as a standalone offering”, says Anubhav, CEO Saviant Consulting.

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