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Jignesh Shah

Jignesh Shah 
Program Manager

Jignesh is passionate in designing & developing complex, dynamic and multi-tier applications; with hands on experience in Cloud platforms, Mobility, Data Analytics & BI platforms.

He brings-in the right team - a combination of business understanding, solutioning and technology expertise - to solve your complex business challenges. Continue the conversation.

Page updated in Nov, 2020

Enterprise Business Intelligence

Leveraging Power BI to quickly develop Enterprise Business Intelligence

Creating a data-driven culture across the business has become the key focus for many Enterprises around the world. Be it to analyze daily sales reports, monitor supply-chain operations, track field-force activities, or enable intelligent actions. You need self-served BI reports; which can be created easily & quickly using Power BI. Such solutions can also be integrated securely with your new or existing business environment; ensuring smooth running of your operations.

Our certified Power BI developers are helping such Enterprises in their BI needs. From Data preparation to warehousing and creating dashboards to deriving intelligence, our teams develop custom solutions. So far, we have built 100s of interactive Power BI dashboards and reports for many enterprises; enabling them with enhanced business intelligence.

BI-enabled business applications

Build BI-enabled business applications quickly using Power BI

Data visualization and business intelligence, now-a-days, is a crucial part of any business strategy. With the real-time insights about the business, one can outperform the competition. Data collection, warehousing, data modeling & transformation, and data visualization – your data needs to go through each of this stage, to unlock business intelligence. Build such BI environment using Microsoft Power BI, SQL services or any other cloud platform.

From defining your existing application BI maturity level to implementing modern BI software, our teams build end-to-end business solutions. Our Power BI development team helps software vendorsin their initiatives; to develop dashboards & reports, modernize BI-enabled products, integrate Power BI with existing software, or add BI features to Web & Mobile apps - to get business intelligence on the fly.

Enable intelligent actions

Understand your asset data through Power BI dashboards & enable intelligent actions

In this digital era of Industrial automation, Manufacturing suppliers, Instrumentation companies, and Original equipment manufacturers are generating enormous volume of data – related to sensors, industry equipment, data loggers, machines, workforce, sales and customer data. And, this data has the potential to predict failure of assets, automate operational processes and improve business decision-making. However, these companies are facing critical challenge in building such single source of truth, which requires a strong BI & Analytics expertise.

Backed by our industry knowhow in understanding the discrete data sources and its correlation with each other – our team of BI analysts & Power BI developers are quickly building such robust business intelligence solutions. Thereby, helping OEMs in informed decision-making and enabling intelligent actions through custom Power BI dashboards & reports.

Custom Power BI Solutions implemented for Industry Giants

Power BI solution

Enabling comparative Drug Analytics using custom Power BI solution

A premier Market access partner to largest Pharmaceutical companies strengthens its platform with drug analytics; which analyzes hundreds of thousands of evidence resources.

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Sales Analytics

Business Transformation in FMCG Industry with Sales Analytics

One of the largest Food product manufacturers creates a unified data platform using Power BI; for channelizing sales & inventory data coming-in from disparate sources.

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 Power BI for supply chain insights

Food Service specialist utilizes Power BI for supply chain insights

The company creates the interactive dashboards for operations team to get actionable insights into supply chain; thereby enabling them to tackle fresh food spoilage.

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