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Jignesh Shah

Jignesh Shah 
Program Manager

Jignesh is passionate in designing & developing complex, dynamic and multi-tier applications; with hands on experience in Cloud platforms, Mobility, Data Analytics & BI platforms.

He brings-in the right team - a combination of business understanding, solutioning and technology expertise - to solve your complex business challenges. Continue the conversation.

Page updated in Nov, 2020

Data Warehousing & Power BI

Enable fast access to trusted data with Data Warehousing & Power BI

Does your organization generate a humungous volume of data? Have multiple heterogeneous data sources as well? Are you finding it difficult to analyze and understand that data? Let’s combine all such discrete data sources at a single repository. Add analytical, structured or ad hoc queries, reporting, and decision-making capabilities to it. Enable intelligent insights & actions for everyone across the organization and create a data-driven culture. However, this entire process needs a thorough understanding of data manipulation and data warehouse design.

Our team of Power BI developers helps create such robust BI environment for organizations like you. With extensive experience in structured data modeling, SQL coding, data warehousing design & implementation, we set-up the business intelligence environment quickly for you to efficiently utilize the data.

Empower your teams with interactive dashboards for informed decision-making

No matter where your data source is – in the cloud or on-premises. Utilize it for business intelligence and stand out from the rapidly growing competition. Leverage Power BI to quickly unify the data and integrate with your existing or new cloud-based business applications. Build interactive Power BI dashboards and reports for your teams and help them in faster intelligent decision-making.

Access such intuitive dashboards through Mobile and take decisions on the fly. Our Power BI development services help expedite such robust implementations. No matter what your business is into, we help in data preparation, determining your business KPIs, creating custom visualizations, and building personalized reports & dashboards quickly.

Power BI Analysis reports

Understand your complex data using Power BI as a Data Visualization tool

In any implementation around data analytics and machine learning, exploratory data analysis is a crucial step to understand your data in hand. Just after your data is captured, the analysis part comes into the picture. You may start visualizing this data using plots, charts, and graphs for a better understanding of it, as well as to define some assumptions before designing the statistical models. This all works well if your data is limited, but what about the complex data that might be generating in large volumes. Data visualization becomes the major challenge and decision-making becomes even more challenging.

Microsoft Power BI is an extremely compelling tool to visualize enormous data sets easily. Understand the major benefits of Power BI to know how easily you can build intuitive dashboards & reports quickly. Let our Power BI development team handle this data analysis & visualization for you, while you focus on defining the business strategy to outperform the competition.

Power BI Development Partner for Global Enterprises

Power BI Solution for food supply chain

UK's Food Service specialist creates a self-served BI environment

The company utilizes Power BI for actionable intelligence. It empowers its operations team to tackle spoilage in Fresh food supply chain.

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Azure & Power BI based Decision Sciences platform

Azure & Power BI based Decision Sciences platform

With a stronger custom Power BI solution, a Market access leader creates comparative drug analytics dashboards to analyze thousands of evidence resources.

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Sales Analytics dashboards

Sales Analytics solution for one of the largest Food & Beverage companies

The company analyzes 9000+ stores' performance and improves operational efficiency with Sales Analytics dashboards & reports.

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