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Working with mid-sized smart instruments and machines manufacturers across the globe. Analyze data from live machines & build analytics models to predict failures and future outcomes.

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Why do manufacturers partner with a Predictive analytics company

Condition monitoring or machine performance solutions remain largely reactive in nature. What if such solutions enable your clients to prepare for machine/equipment failure before they happen. For this, you need the ability to add predictive modeling capabilities to your products for forecasting failures, defects, throughputs, etc. In addition to this, you need to augment historical machine data, environmental and process data, find the right algorithm, model it, deploy and tune it to generate predictions. However, to build such robust solution and continuously improve the accuracy of predictability, an expert help & guidance is needed.

With more than 300 implementations around Data analytics, IoT, Machine learning and AI, Saviant has been a trusted partner for industrial clients across US, UK, Canada, Germany, Australia, and Middle East. At Saviant, our industrial and machine learning consulting framework help smart machine manufacturers to build custom solutions around predictive analytics. We help them to reimagine their solutions and enable business continuity of their clients with fault-free operations.

For example, their solutions are now equipped with predictive-AI capabilities that can now -

Enable more than 90% accuracy in predicting events

though alarms and timely alerts across operations, thereby preventing downtime failures or events.

Detect anomalies & help perform root-cause analysis

using real-time & historical data to identify correlations and patterns from operations and machine data.

Predict and quantify risks associated

with production, downtime, defects, or safety with higher reliability.

Generate new revenue opportunities

through as a service model for delivering more value through data.

Our services and capabilities

Machine learning consulting

Utilize your machine data, determine patterns, identify opportunities to use custom machine learning solutions. Our consultants build, train, and deploy ML models and build solution to help streamline your operations for accurate results.

Predictive Analytics consulting

Add predictive modeling capabilities to your solutions for forecasting failures, throughput, defects etc. For this, you need to augment historical machine, environmental, process data, model with right algorithms, deploy and tune it for generating accurate predictions.

Data Analytics consulting

As more data is being generated from smart machines, instruments, assets, and customers, it is important to utilize such enormous volume of data intelligently. At Saviant, we help build custom solutions for optimizing operations and predicting failures.

Predictive analytics consulting

Global leader in instruments engineering
upgrades its solution with predictive analytics capabilities to enable intelligent decision-making

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Why smart machine manufacturers choose Saviant for their machine learning roadmap

Enterprise-grade solutions

Enterprise-grade solutions

Building solutions that are technology ready for next decade, with optimized project costs & best practices
Quick go-to-market

Quick go-to-market

40% faster development using our industrial frameworks, machine learning expertise & ready-to-use IPs
100% solution success rate

100% solution success rate

Successfully delivered 300+ solutions across manufacturing, energy, and industrial engineering enterprises

Awards & Industry Recognition

At Saviant, we build custom enterprise-grade solutions around forecasting, process optimizations, and predictive maintenance, using our expertise in data analytics, machine learning, and predictive analytics on Cloud platforms like Azure and AWS.

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