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Abhinav Rao

Abhinav Rao 
Program Manager

With a wide expertise in Cross-platform and Native mobile app development, Abhinav acts as the Mobile Center of Excellence. He builds Mobile teams to deliver outcome that businesses love!

He brings-in the right team - a combination of business understanding, solutioning and technology expertise - to solve your complex business challenges. Continue the conversation.

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Building Custom React Native Applications for your business

From mobile app ideation and wireframing to development and testing, our teams help you throughout the mobile application journey. Whether your strategy requires a new app development or migrating and upgrading an existing cross-platform app, or simply need an extended team of experienced React Native developers, you can rely on Saviant for an extensive range of React Native consulting services.

React Native Development

Optimize your field operations, automate business processes, and deliver a better customer experience with Cloud-based enterprise mobility solutions built using React Native.

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React Native Migration

Whether it is to migrate cross-platform apps or native mobile apps to React Native - we can help. We are experts at reengineering legacy apps for scalability and performance.

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UI/UX strategy Development

Give your users an engaging user experience with interactive UIs developed using React Native. Be it an existing mobile app or a new one, improve its UI/UX with the help of experts.

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Extended team of developers

Our React Native developers can serve as your extended team to accelerate your product development. Get your high-performing, engaging app to market in less time.

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Trusted Custom Mobile App Development Partner

Community-based Safety Xamarin app

Offline Sync Mobile App: Safety Community App

  • Working as a monitoring service, this mobile app allows people to track the location and safety status of their beloved ones, both in online and offline modes.
  • In the event of unsafe situations, a user can trigger an alert where guardians get notified via email, SMS, and app.
  • Establishes communication through Bluetooth using an interface called the object-oriented protocol.
  • Powered by AWS platform as MBaaS, the app stores all data in the cloud. If no internet is available, the data is stored in a local SQLite database.
  • Integrates seamlessly with third-party plugins like Firebase messaging, Map Box, Bugsee, and Facebook.
  • Offers accelerated time-to-market by sharing code across iOS & Android and reducing development costs.
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Field Mobility Solution

Field Mobility Solution - Intelligent Warehouse Apps

  • UK's leading Foodservice company has multiple warehouses, many products, mobile-workforce, and delivery trucks, making it difficult for the company to manage its food delivery operations efficiently.
  • Pick-up and dispatch of items for customer delivery was a manual checklist-based process - a time-consuming task and highly prone to errors.
  • Calculating collected cash manually every day was also a tiresome task for the dispatcher team.
  • The company wanted to automate this process of picking and dispatch operations, which resulted in the development of intelligent warehouse mobile apps.
  • Azure as MBaaS enabled background processes including real-time data synchronization, offline functionality, and integration with ERP system.
  • Using Mobile apps, the warehouse workers can now easily collect and dispatch items for delivery trucks - ensuring 100% accuracy in customer order fulfillment.
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Why Industry leaders choose Saviant in their initiatives?

iOS & Android React Native Apps
  • Strong Team: React Native consultants have hands-on experience in building Mobile Apps. So far, we implemented 120+ projects across Mobility, IoT, Cloud & Analytics.
  • Strong Industry experience: Delivered solutions across Transportation, Smart Utilities, Industrial Automation, Energy & Power with 100% success.
  • Strong Technology expertise: Quick application development of Mobile Apps with proven experience in ML, Big Data, Advanced Analytics, and Edge.
  • Strong Project Management skills: Ensuring quality by following best industry-practices, QA, tools, compliance along with timely code review/audits.
  • Strong Value-added Services: For rapid prototyping as well as incubation of latest technologies, we offer Saviant labs enabling you to quickly turn your idea into application.

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