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Abhinav Rao

Abhinav Rao 
Program Manager

With a wide expertise in Cross-platform and Native mobile app development, Abhinav acts as the Mobile Center of Excellence. He builds Mobile teams to deliver outcome that businesses love!

He brings-in the right team - a combination of business understanding, solutioning and technology expertise - to solve your complex business challenges. Continue the conversation.

Page updated in Dec, 2020

iOS & Android React Native Apps

Develop your Mobile app solution faster with React Native

Need a proprietary mobile solution for your business? Sometimes the best solution is often the quickest, such as React Native. React Native is a JavaScript framework for building native mobile apps. You don’t build a web application or a hybrid app, but you make an application that is almost identical to the real native application, complete with building components and APIs. The result is a rich mobile UI from declarative components.

Here’s the best part; using React Native development framework with shared JavaScript code and reuse across multiple platforms will expedite deployment along an easy path to market. What’s more, because your React Native solution is universal across all platforms and devices, maintenance is much simple, reducing overhead for versioning and costs.

Cross-platform Mobile Apps

Expedite your React Native process and achieve your business objectives

Defining your technology roadmap and implementation strategy is the biggest challenge. Are you leveraging the full potential of React Native framework benefits across iOS & Android? How can you capitalize on mobile device technology: GPS, camera, mic, document capture, task, and asset management?

As a preferred Mobile app development company for growth-hungry companies, Saviant helps in developing their core mobile app architecture – enabling strong support for the required frontend and backend tools. Our team of React Native developers offers extensive experience in languages like Java, Objective-C, and Swift, thereby enabling the development of engaging multi-platform React native applications. We can also assist in setting up the React Native servers in Node on the Azure cloud for immediate on-line services.

Mobile apps Modernization

Modernize your existing Mobile apps using React Native development framework

Perhaps you’re planning to add new functionality or custom widget to your existing React Native apps. We can help. A well-defined implementation strategy is a key to success. Capitalize on the unique benefits of React Native to build advanced apps quickly. With React Native, you can minimize code maintenance efforts and improve time-to-market with the latest innovations.

Our React Native app development team provides best-of-class service to mid-tier and larger companies with app upgrades or modernization. Whether we reuse existing shared code or write it completely new using JavaScript & React Native, we can help expedite the development process. Saviant helps our customers deliver the best user experience and improve their business processes.

Here're few Enterprise Mobility Solutions we delivered

Enterprise Mobility solution

IoT boosts Food Service to next level

We connected 500 IoT mobile devices to help get 60,000 orders of high-quality food delivered on time to the right place.

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Cross-platform mobile apps

Cross-platform mobile apps simplify fiber optic network testing

Leading telecom network provider goes cutting-edge with apps that can now test networks faster and with better accuracy.

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Warehouse Mobile Apps

Warehouse Mobile Apps improves pick accuracy

Warehouse workforce in 16 warehouses picks and dispatches 4,500 SKUs with 100% accuracy in order fulfillment.

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