Saviant Energy Analytics Platform (SEAP)

SEAP provides detailed insights into Energy & Utilities consumption, prevailing conditions and forecast, through Big Data analytics, Real-time analytics, Predictive analytics and VEE process solutions to improve decision making.

Saviant Energy Analytics Platform (SEAP) helps Utilities conserve energy and promote consumer awareness. It enables intelligent actions and insights from an enterprise’s energy distribution and energy consumption data. It will help reduce Energy distribution costs by up to 20% over the next 3-5 years.

SEAP allows Enterprises to ingest data from any existing meter devices, MDM systems of any meter manufacturer and of any energy type (water, electricity, gas). This intelligent analytics solution can handle any type of data – Meter data, AMR/AMI data, customer data, billing data. It also brings down data collection interval to as less as FIVE minutes.

Business Benefits:
A high-performance Energy analytics platform which:

  • Enables ingestion of data from any existing Utility/Energy MDM, of any meter manufacturer and any energy type (water, electricity, gas)
  • Derives intelligence from any type of data – Meter data, Customer data, Billing data
  • Reduces data collection interval as less as 5-minutes
  • Manages VEE process in the backend for accurate data intelligence and business insights
  • Derives real-time alerts and notifications on most important consumer KPIs
  • Enables real-time visibility of usage data, billing data, usage pattern and comparative analysis to measure exact ROI and revenue gains
  • Derives exclusive benefits from Predictive Analytics for future energy consumption, leakage detection, predictive maintenance, meter health name
  • Synchronizes with embedded GIS for distribution analytics

Additionally, SEAP can handle data from 50 Million+ devices, with data volumes of more than 1 Million records per minute, while providing high-performance analytics on 100 Bn+ data records. Its solution architecture has been devised on the backbone of Azure IoT Platform and the analytics engine is powered by the Cortana Analytics suite on Azure.