Re-architecting legacy data system to enhance Data Security of Industrial Devices

American smart meter manufacturing company modernizes its data platform to securely capture, manage and analyze data from millions of devices

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Equipment manufacturing or Instrument Engineering companies globally are increasingly required to connect their hardware products to the Cloud. However, two of the foremost concerns with such initiative are “Will the data from the devices / equipment be secure on Cloud?” & “Can someone access / control the device with malicious intent?”. A crucial element of data engineering is therefore, ensuring data security.

About Client

The Smart Meter Company manufactures smart energy and water meters. They deliver intelligence as a service i.e., they don’t simply sell data-emitting hardware but help their customers derive actionable insights from the data. To do so they have enabled the meters with ability to –

Their customers are utilities who need to view / analyze massive volumes of data captured from such smart devices.


There are millions of devices generating a lot of data at a high frequency. Additionally, to keep the overheads of updating / maintaining these devices, manufacturers or utilities can remotely connect and update the firmware on these devices. This essentially means establishing a bidirectional communication channel via public cloud with the devices.

It is therefore important to protect this channel and the data to prevent any malfeasance. Throughout the channel / pipeline of data from the device to cloud there are 3 areas / conditions of vulnerabilities –

End Point Access Vulnerabilities -

Data in Transit Vulnerabilities –

Data at Rest Vulnerabilities –

Solution – A stepwise approach to enhance Data Security

Saviant partnered with the smart meter manufacturer to modernize the legacy system architecture and make it technology ready for the next decade. A team of experienced technical architects and data engineering specialists designed the new system to have enhanced security, scalability, performance, availability, and maintenance.

To make the system more secure, the team took a stepwise approach where they –

Data Engineering is incomplete without ensuring Data Security especially when it comes to connected devices. Saviant helped modernize the system where TBs of data from millions of devices can be now securely captured, managed, and analyzed.

Modern Instrument and Equipment cannot be called Intelligent unless properly protected from hacking and other vulnerabilities as after all –

“Discretion is a synonym for intelligence” – Eloisa James