A leading entertainment giant adopts Xamarin to provide seamless & hassle-free
Digital Music Experience to its customers

About the Client

The company runs a large music e-commerce site offering "software as a service" hosted e-commerce solution for independent musicians and small labels. It helps them enable higher profit margins on the sales of physical products and downloads directly to fans, avoiding the additional fees taken by other digital reselling platforms.

Our Results

Xamarin based Digital Download Manager app allows Mac & Android users to download music tracks without any glitch. It enables organized & prompt downloading of tracks and manages the files automatically. This helps in making the seamless and hassle-free purchase experience for music fans.

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Business Need

The client wanted to help independent musicians become successful by building their own fan base to increase their profits. Their existing web portal allowed musicians to purchase a suitable package to set-up their own online store. This store allowed musicians to upload, sell and manage their composed albums, from where a music lover could purchase and download songs.

However, trouble brewed in when Mac & Android users were unable to download music from the application. Our client’s major concern was to provide seamless digital music experience to its customers across all platforms. Typically, customers need to extract files and create a file structure to download MP3 files and cover art. As most customers aren't computer savvy to feel comfortable doing that, thus the client wanted an easy-to-use download manager app. Thereby, ensuring music lovers to make the purchase, get the music & start listening immediately.

The client was therefore looking for an integrated download manager solution compatible for both Apple and Android. The download manager would deliver purchased music files directly to a mobile device and save them, providing a seamless customer digital download experience.

Technology Solution

Our expertise in delivering user-friendly mobile apps helped devise a Mobility solution as per the client's specific requirement. Xamarin was the preferred choice for the app development, keeping in mind the client's need to deliver an intuitive user experience to its customers quickly. Additionally, the platform allows to share code up to 90% across major platforms. Xamarin.Mac and Xamarin.Android was leveraged by our consultants to build the Download Manager Utility App that supports Mac OS X 10.7 & above and Android platforms.

The Download Manager Utility App gets installed automatically on end-users’ mobile device after they select the music tracks for download. The app has a simplified UI which carefully lists down all the selected tracks to be downloaded. It also allows an organized and faster downloading of music tracks. The end-users can now download larger music tracks faster, with an option to view the download status for each track. Thereby, automatically & seamlessly managing the download of music and cover art files onto a customer's computer.

The solution has gone a long way in making the purchase experience for music fans automatic, seamless and hassle-free.

Xamarin based Digital Download Manager app architecture

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