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by Sagar Kulkarni

Every enterprise is planning to mobilize their existing systems, people or business processes to amplify their operational efficiency, generate more revenue, and to improve the business growth. This needs expanding legacy or existing applications over Enterprise Mobility Platform or building new mobile applications that are best suitable for their business. On similar lines, Gartner predicted that the market demand for Enterprise mobile app development will increase by 5 times before 2018. However, finding a right development framework that helps in delivering smart secure mobile enterprise apps is challenging. Here comes Xamarin, a path-breaking platform, that is helping enterprises in developing Native or Cross-platform mobile apps.


Let’s look into the main challenges that Enterprise apps demand and how Xamarin helps in achieving them.

Faster App Deployment & Go-to-Market
Mobile apps that are available across major platforms are in high demand. Authoring similar app code for iOS, Android & Windows platforms could be long and exhausting process, as it requires different languages to code. It would also be time-consuming to write and test same code differently. Xamarin development platform allows code sharing techniques to write code in C# that can be shared across iOS, Android & Windows. Xamarin.iOS, Xamarin.Android or Xamarin.Forms provides more than 75% shared code across major platforms thus simplifying the development & deployment of mobile apps and accelerates go-to-market time.

Higher engaging & effective customer experience
Enterprise mobile apps with user-friendly interface will definitely improve customer engagement. Apps that provide easy access to device components and that are available across all major platforms such as iOS, Android and Windows, can drive more customers. Xamarin platform offers a component store containing graphs, UI controls, beautiful themes to develop engaging user interfaces with cost-effective approach. It strongly interlaces platform specific APIs with latest SDKs to engender effective user friendly interface.

Stable & Secure cloud integration - Backend system
Mobilizing business processes demand access to critical information to establish real-time communication with on premise and remote locations. This need a secure mobile backend system (MBaaS) that enables functionalities such as user authentication, push notifications, data synchronization and online behaviour. Xamarin allows the enterprises to seamlessly integrate enterprise apps with MBaaS systems such as Microsoft Azure Mobile App Services to deliver high secure and stable apps.

Integration with existing Legacy systems
Few enterprises are extending their operations over mobility platform apart from modernizing the legacy systems or existing applications. This upgrade demands the need to integrate mobile applications with the legacy systems such as CRMs, ERPs or Private cloud. Xamarin offers simple & secure integration of apps to these systems. It works seamlessly with the latest, common & platform specific APIs and supports SDK integration. It strongly binds APIs and SDKs of multiple platforms to generate high-quality secure applications.

Readiness for future
As a future upgrade, enterprises plan to release new version of mobile apps to meet the latest technology needs. However, adding similar new functionality or upgrading the apps over multiplatform versions will be time & efforts consuming. Xamarin’s unique SDK integration feature helps in providing support for new features and automatically updates over all versions, as soon as they are inserted in the operating system of the device.

Sophisticated mobile app testing environment
Maintaining bug-free code is difficult and if the mobile app is developed across various platforms then the task gets doubled. Xamarin output results in apps with fewer bugs due to its shared code technique. It becomes easy to maintain bug-free code, as the core application code is validated once for multiple platforms. Developers use Xamarin TestCloud, a mobile app testing module, which helps in testing apps with fragmentation, reports, continuous integration, and object-based UI testing. Xamarin also offers Xamarin Insights, a real-time app monitor module, which helps in monitoring the performance and health of Xamarin apps.

Offline operations support
Offline behaviour of mobile apps has become mandate now-a-days. In remote areas, the enterprise mobile apps need offline support to store data temporarily on device and to synchronize the same data automatically upon the network availability. This can be achieved through Xamarin platform as it offers offline/online support to communicate with cloud for reliable data synchronization. Thus, helping the enterprises in field-mobility process with native or cross-platform mobile apps hosted on Cloud.

Many enterprises are mobilizing their business processes to automate & speed-up their tasks and to improve operational efficiency with Native or Cross-platform mobile apps. However, for any business, Xamarin as a development platform is offering secure, reliable and cost-effective implementation framework to build apps across iOS, Android & Windows. A Field-mobility case study of a Global Manufacturing Leader of Fiber Optic products and equipment can provide detail insights on how Xamarin helped the firm in simplifying the field-testing process.

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