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Abhinav Rao

Abhinav Rao 
Program Manager

With a wide expertise in Cross-platform and Native mobile app development, Abhinav acts as the Mobile Center of Excellence. He builds Mobile teams to deliver outcome that businesses love!

He brings-in the right team - a combination of business understanding, solutioning and technology expertise - to solve your complex business challenges. Continue the conversation.

Page updated in Nov, 2020

Xamarin Consulting Services for your business

Native Mobile Apps

Maximize your business results with path breaking Xamarin mobile solutions. Leveraging Xamarin.Native, our teams enable rapid development of high-performance, truly native Xamarin apps. Go-mobile quickly with Xamarin based iOS & Android apps.

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Cross-platform Mobile Apps

The need for anywhere & anytime secure data access is the primary focus for many enterprises. Achieve such business objectives by building highly scalable cross-platform mobile apps using Xamarin; and accelerate business growth.

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Mobile Backend System

Developing robust mobile apps need necessary support around architecture construction, integration with Cloud and its maintenance. Our Xamarin consultants can help power your mobile apps with strong MBaaS system build on Cloud.

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Extended Team of Developers

Work with experienced team of Xamarin developers, as your extended team, and achieve your business objectives in no time. Be it to developing mobile app from scratch, or upgrading existing Xamarin app, our teams can quickly build an app for you.

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Know how these leaders are changing their business stories!

  • Client Location California
  • Emp. Size< 100
  • Founded2015

Cross-platform Xamarin Apps for a fast-growing Canadian Technology company

  • To track the location of their beloved ones and their safety status, both in online & offline modes, the company geared-up to build Mobile apps for iOS and Android.
  • Working as a real-time monitoring service, this Safety Community Mobile app communicates through Bluetooth functionality to trigger an alert to guardians, in unsafe situations.
  • Backed by AWS platform as mBaaS enabled seamless integration of required third-party plugins like Firebase messaging, Map box, & Facebook and quick data storage.
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Connected Mobile Workforce
  • Client Location Colorado
  • Emp. Size< 100
  • Founded2001

Leading Real Estate Services provider launches Xamarin app for builders & traders

  • To enable effective execution of daily operations for over 10,000 home building professionals, the company created a Workflow Management solution.
  • This connected workforce environment enables a worker to communicate with their trader in real-time via mobile app; and also enables secure data access remotely.
  • Our team developed the Cross-platform mobile app across all major platforms within a shorter span of 3 weeks.
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Xamarin offline App
  • Client Location England
  • Emp. Size900+
  • Founded1989

UK’s leading Food Service Specialist builds Xamarin apps for efficient delivery of food items

  • Monitoring the temperature of food items that are in transit was the biggest challenge for this company.
  • Its food delivery vehicles are multi temperature-controlled ones where the chillers & freezers and chillers equipped with BLE Temperature Sensors.
  • To establish real-time communication with such sensors, a Xamarin mobile App powered by Microsoft Azure was developed; which continuously track the temperature of food items in-transit; thereby ensuring effective delivery of high-quality food items to its 30,000+ customers.
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  • Client Location England
  • Emp. Size< 100
  • Founded2009

UK's Innovative Solutions Provider goes cutting-edge with a Wearable app built using Xamarin

  • Workers like oil maintenance workers or Firefighters’ job puts them at risk. For such workforce, the company wanted to build a wearable app in Tizen OS environment.
  • The app has to collect the data like heart rate and body temperature from a wearable device; and it acts as an early warning system which would display worker’s physiological data.
  • Wearable app built using Xamarin gets the real-time data and enables the timely intervention & decisions before any problem occurs.
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