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Enterprise Mobility with Xamarin and mBaaS

Leveraging Xamarin for intuitive fast-to-market Mobile Apps

Enterprise Mobility is no longer a luxury; it has become a corporate mandate. With the changing workforce, demand for mobile apps that maximize asset utilization, enhance operational efficiency, and provide secure and immediate access to enterprise data are at an all-time high demand. Saviant can help. Our expertise and agile workflow assure quality innovation in the design and functionality of your app. Once built, going live as soon as possible is paramount. With Xamarin, our developers can minimize code yet still produce a beautiful full-function application and get to market on time.

Xamarin APIs can access the full spectrum of functionality in the underlying platform, including platform-specific capabilities like ARKit and Android Multi-Window mode. Apps built using Xamarin can leverage platform-specific hardware acceleration compiled for native performance. Our Xamarin team helps you overcome all such challenges and defines the Enterprise Mobility strategy - to quickly develop mobile apps that integrate securely with your business environment.

Cross-platform user interfaces using Xamarin

Build intuitive cross-platform mobile apps across iOS & Android using Xamarin

You know that Native Mobile applications provide the best user experience and performance output. With Xamarin, developing such apps is easy and fast. Xamarin uses a single language, C#, to create apps for all mobile platforms. Unlike interpreted solutions, such as Appcelerator Titanium, Xamarin is natively compiled, making it a go-to option for building high-performance apps with a native look and feel. That means you can create a single instance of the mobile app in C# and deploy it on Android, iOS, or Windows environment in Java, Objective C, and C#, respectively.

With Xamarin’s code sharing capabilities and Test Cloud service, you can easily run tests through 2,000 devices and quickly learn about all possible code inconsistencies within your app. You shouldn’t underestimate the importance of this opportunity, especially when you have limited hardware and human resources.

Enterprise Mobility Strategy using Xamarin

Think Weeks, Not Months, with Xamarin mobile apps backed by Azure MBaaS

Our developers focus on leveraging Azure mobile services to help you speed up your Xamarin cross-platform app development and launch your mobile apps within weeks, not months. Apps built using Xamarin leverage platform-specific hardware acceleration compiled for native performance.

Integration with ERPs/CRMs, scalability, performance, security, and data accessibility - all need to be addressed before deployment. Microsoft Azure Mobile Services consolidates your Active Directory, single sign-on, integration with databases, push notifications, social media integration as well as offline-sync capabilities, all in the ready to use stage.

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  • Client Location California
  • Emp. Size< 100
  • Founded2015

Xamarin platform allows Canadian Technology Company to build cross-platform mobile apps in 5-weeks

  • The company wanted to build a mobile app for iOS and Android that would allow users to track the location of their beloved ones and their safety status, both in online & offline modes.
  • Working as a real-time monitoring service, this Safety Community Mobile app communicates through Bluetooth functionality to trigger an alert to guardians if unsafe situations occur.
  • Backed by AWS platform as mBaaS enables seamless integration of required third-party plugins like Firebase messaging, Map Box, & Facebook and quick data storage.
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Connected Mobile Workforce
  • Client Location Colorado
  • Emp. Size< 100
  • Founded2001

Leading Real Estate Services enables real-time communication using Xamarin apps

  • To enable effective execution of daily operations for over 10,000 home building professionals, our Xamarin team helped company to develop a Workflow Management solution.
  • This connected workforce environment enables a real estate agent and builder to communicate in real-time via the mobile app, and also enables remote data access.
  • Our team developed this Xamarin cross-platform mobile app within a short span of 3 weeks.
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Xamarin offline App
  • Client Location England
  • Emp. Size900+
  • Founded1989

UK's leading Food Service Specialist builds Xamarin apps for efficient delivery of food items

  • The company’s operations team needed to communicate with its supply chain in real-time while drivers and vehicles were in transit.
  • These vehicles are multi temperature-controlled food delivery vehicles, with freezers and chiller trailers equipped with BLE Temperature Sensors.
  • To establish real-time communication with such sensors, a Xamarin mobile App powered by Microsoft Azure was developed to continuously track temperatures of food items in-transit, ensuring effective delivery of high-quality food items to 30,000+ customers.
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  • Client Location England
  • Emp. Size< 100
  • Founded2009

UK's Innovative Solutions Provider goes cutting-edge with a wearable app built using Xamarin

  • Oil maintenance workers and firefighters have jobs that put them at risk. For such a workforce, the company wanted to build a wearable app in Tizen OS environment.
  • The app collects data such as heart rate and body temperature from the wearable device, and acts as an early warning system displaying the worker’s physiological data.
  • This Wearable app built using Xamarin can save lives, enabling timely intervention and decisions before problems worsen.
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