Microsoft Azure IoT Suite

Building scalable & robust Internet of Things solutions quickly using Azure IoT Suite for -

  • Real-time monitoring of assets
  • Machine performance monitoring
  • Predictive asset maintenance
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Azure IoT solution accelerators

Accelerate your development of common IoT scenario using Azure IoT solution accelerators

Common IoT scenarios, like Industrial IoT (IIoT), device simulation, remote monitoring, and predictive maintenance, demand scalable & secure cloud platform as well as the right implementation strategy. To make this simple Microsoft offers Azure IoT solution accelerators, which makes available the required application code and the Azure services – for efficient, successful build & deployment. However, to integrate this solution with your existing business environment can still be a challenging task.

Enterprises are leveraging Azure IoT solution accelerators to quickly build solutions, which help access and analyze previously untapped data from sensors, devices, and applications. At Saviant, we offer IoT development services to help such enterprises in creating connected environment around your assets and building analytics solutions.

Azure IoT Hub

Establish communication between Millions of IoT assets using Azure IoT Hub

Azure IoT Hub establishes secure and reliable two-way communications between IoT assets and the cloud. It enables device-to-cloud telemetry to obtain device status and take actions as needed. It also sends notifications and commands from cloud to connected devices, allowing tracking of delivery statuses dependably with acknowledgement receipts. It provides open source SDKs for Windows, Linux, RTOS and others. Further, it also supports standard and custom protocols including HTTP, AMQP and MQTT.

IoT Hub is helping enterprises to communicate, monitor, and control, millions of IoT devices and applications. With it, enterprises are integrating both their new and existing multi-platform devices. Our team of Azure IoT consultants are leveraging it for reliably and securely connecting enterprise devices to their solution back ends.

Azure Event Hubs

Ingest Big Data from connected devices and applications with Azure Event Hubs

Azure Event Hubs logs huge volumes of events data from IoT connected assets in real time. It is a managed events ingestor, which features elastic scalability for accommodating variable load profiles and sporadic connectivity. It provides flexible authorization and time-based event buffering, and imparts easy capacity provisioning. It supports HTTP, AMQP and provides native client libraries, thus supporting multiple platforms.

Enterprises are using Event Hubs for ingesting, processing, and analyzing millions of events per second from IoT connected devices and applications. They are storing this collected data in storage clusters, or transforming it into intelligence with real-time analytics providers. We are employing Event Hubs as a key component of IoT and application architecture.

Azure Stream Analytics

Leverage Azure Stream Analytics for processing real-time data streams on Cloud

Azure Stream Analytics enables development and deployment of cost-effective analytics solutions. It allows the use of familiar SQL-based syntax for swift development, while automatically managing the complex software and infrastructure. Stream Analytics predictably processes data with high throughput and without any data loss. It easily and reliably scales to handle any data volume.

Enterprises are using Stream Analytics for performing real-time analytics with high reliability on the data collected from IoT assets. We are leveraging it for building real-time dashboards, setting-up alerts, and implementing machine learning on multiple data streams for providing invaluable insights to enterprises.

Azure Notifications Hub

Dispatch Push Notifications to any platform with Azure Notifications Hub

Azure Notifications Hub allows to push millions of notifications to Windows, Android, iOS or Kindle devices, and scales limitlessly without needing re-architecture. It connects to any on-premises or cloud based backend enabling enterprise mobile apps to be instantly updated. Its tagging feature allows individual users to be targeted, or notifications to be broadcast to wide audience segments comprising millions of users. Further, its template feature allows localized push notifications to be sent.

Enterprises are dynamically defining and covering specific or diverse audience segments with Notifications Hub. We are using it to tailor notifications by language, location and audience for targeting millions of connected devices.

Azure Machine Learning

Implement powerful cloud-based analytics with Azure Machine Learning

Azure Machine Learning is a part of the Cortana Analytics suite. It enables transformation of big data into intelligence. Machine Learning is completely cloud-based, and features, limitless scalability, availability, and unmatched security. It enables exposure of hidden insights, fixing persistent and resilient issues, and making reliable predictions.

Enterprises are leveraging Machine Learning (ML) for building, deploying, and sharing flexible machine learning solutions. It is being used as an ideal Big Data solution capable of crunching the ever increasing data volume. We are tailoring ML models to suit specific business needs by roping in Python, R or any of Microsoft's proven algorithms, and are deploying models as fully managed web services.

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