Azure Management Services to build custom Azure solutions

Efficiently manage and automate Business processes with Azure Management Services

Reliably Schedule Recurring Actions with Azure Scheduler

Azure Scheduler creates on-cloud jobs for reliably invoking both Azure and non-Azure services. These jobs are assigned to run either immediately, as per a schedule, or at a future instant. Scheduler is able to post messages in storage queues for asynchronously handling recurring requests. It continues operation even during endpoint failure by automatically switching to alternate pre-configured endpoints.

With Azure Scheduler enterprises are scheduling on-cloud action items which invoke web service endpoints over HTTP, HTTPS, or storage queues. They are programmatically creating, viewing, managing and deleting jobs using scripts and a portal. We are leveraging Scheduler to enable enterprises to run their jobs reliably as per a simple or a complex schedule.

Employ Azure Automation for easier and more efficient cloud Management.

Azure Automation utilizes Windows Powershell scripts called runbooks for creating, monitoring and deployment of resources within and outside Azure. It provides a Runbook Gallery, comprising sample runbooks for kick-starting automation tasks. Automation runbook works with popular Azure services and those that provide public Internet APIs. Azure Automation makes available dashboard charts and log records for easy monitoring of runbooks, and checkpoints for resuming workflow post failure.

Enterprises are utilizing Azure Automation to automate manual, time-intensive, error-prone, and recurrent cloud-based tasks. With it, they are saving both time as well as overhead costs. We are integrating it with Azure as well as third-party cloud services, enabling enterprises to deliver services to their clients with greater consistency and reliability.

Acquire valuable intelligence from IT resources with Azure Operational Insights

Azure Operational Insights is a SaaS solution that helps convert raw data into real-time operational intelligence allowing for more informed decision making. It enables the collection of data and its analysis from any Windows or Linux based, on-premises or on-cloud data source. It provides visibility across IT resources enabling issues to be detected and fixed in a timely fashion. Further, it also features inbuilt intelligence for developing powerful actionable insights.

Enterprises are exploiting Azure Operational Insights for fixing operational issues, managing datacenter capacity, tracking server and configuration changes, and detecting malware infection. With it, we are helping enterprises gain in-depth insights into the operations of both their on-premises as well as on-cloud resources.

Manage and Monitor Applications Easily with Azure Portal

Microsoft Azure Preview Portal provides a single integrated console for building, managing as well as monitoring simple and complex, web and cloud applications. It consolidates various cross-platform tools, services and technologies to expedite delivery and maintain application health. It supports a wide set of tools, and helps enterprises collaborate, scale, and deliver with ease.

Enterprises are utilizing Azure Portal for building, deploying, and managing web applications and on-cloud resources. They are using it for viewing and managing all their applications from a single integrated hub, and for controlling access with role-based access control. We are using it to combine Azure services for building powerful applications.

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